Plextor 4x External Slim Top-loading BD-ROM USB2 Blu-Ray Player

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The PX-B120U, external Blu-Ray player, enables the smooth playback of Blu-Ray discs when connected to any suitable laptop or desktop computer.

A smooth 4-speed mechanism and full playback software package provides high-definition playback for a complete Blu-Ray experience. Additionally the drive offers extensive playback and reading support for all common DVD & CD formats. The PX-B120U provides convenient portable access to your Blu-ray movies, your DVD movies, your audios CD, and any other files that you have on optical disk.

The design of PX-B120U is aesthetically pleasing and compact for portability. Power to the unit is provided through a convenient single USB port, eliminating the need for an external AC adapter. Its compact portable size and outstanding playback capabilities make the PX-B120Uthe ideal drive to bring the excitement of Blu-Ray movies to your laptop.

Smooth Blu-Ray & DVD Playback
4-speed mechanism provides smooth Blu-Ray playback and extensive support for DVD+ /- R, DVD +/-RW, DVD +/- R DL, DVD-RAM and CD-R formats Supplied with high quality Blu-Ray and DVD playback software. That not only provides the full Blu-Ray experience, but includes upscaling technology to deliver the maximum picture quality from DVD (Laptop computer must reach minimum specification to decode Blu-Ray and must have or be attached to a suitable HD display to show full high-definition)

Attractive Compact Design
Compact and slender design makes the drive easy to transport in existing laptop cases without adding bulk or using excess space
Top loading for ease-of-use and attractive styling. Aesthetically pleasing design with a beautiful ripple pattern and a smooth, gloss texture finish

Convenient Single USB Power Source
Powered by single USB port connection eliminating the need to carry an additional external AC adapter or further additional cables


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