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With brilliant image quality and an ultra bright 1:1.8 iZUIKO DIGITAL zoom lens, the Olympus XZ-1 fuses compact camera size and style with system camera features.

Unleash your creative side with the first-ever Olympus X series camera. Designed for those who want the quality of an SLR in a high-end point-and-shoot format, this camera provides easy-to-use outlet for artistic expression. With the XZ-1 you'll capture high-quality still images and HD videos in any shooting environment thanks to its fast, super-bright, built-in Olympus iZuiko lens and its large, super-sensitive CCD sensor.

The new XZ-1 camera combines the image quality and adjustability of system cameras and the portability of digital compact cameras. For ambitious amateurs and discriminating professionals alike, the XZ-1 offers superior, best-in-class image quality.

Gorgeous pictures
Get beautifully clear, high-resolution images. The superb iZUIKO lens, TruePic V processor, and the high sensitive 10 megapixel CCD sensor deliver pictures that impress.

Brilliant Images
Get great photos and High Definition movies from a pocket-sized camera. The light-grabbing iZUIKO lens stays bright across the aperture range and is paired with the powerful TruePic V processor and large 1/1.63" CCD sensor for breathtaking pictures.

Sensor - Capture details in awesome clarity. The high sensitive 1/1.63" 10-megapixel CCD sensor features fantastic light sensitivity and adjustable background blur.
Processor - Get vivid colour reproduction and low image noise, even at high ISO settings and in low-light settings, thanks to the smoking fast TruePic V image processor.
Lens - Funnel light to your images across the zoom range with the ultra bright iZUIKO DIGITAL lens. The 4x wide-angle zoom does it all, from eye-popping 1 cm macros to vast landscapes.
Refined and rugged design
Sleek and slim, the XZ-1 fits in your jacket pocket. The stylish design comes in two tough lacquer finishes, snowy white and jet black.

You control the settings
Set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO the way you want it. Twist the lens ring to adjust the main setting for each mode, from art filters to background blur.

Manual Control
Finally, a digital compact that's as flexible as you are. Full manual control lets you set aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and much more. Get the settings right for your perfect shot.
Lens Ring
The mechanical lens ring lets you change aperture, shutter speed and more with a flick of the wrist. Just twist the lens ring to adjust the main setting for each mode, from art filters to background blur.

Manual mode: Control everythingCloseSet the shutter speed and aperture to fit the occasion. For difficult light situations such as sunsets or for creating dramatic lighting effects.
Shutter priority mode: Set the shutter speedCloseSet the shutter speed and let the camera do the rest. Perfect for freezing fast-moving objects in their tracks or playing with motion blur.
Aperture priority mode: Set aperture sizeCloseSet the aperture you need and let the camera do the rest. Great for adding bokeh to portraits or creating deep-focus composition shots.
Program mode: Just point and shootCloseThe full auto mode does it all for you. You can concentrate on the subject, and let the camera select the right settings for your shot.

Light-grabbing lens
Get great low-light pictures and an adjustable depth of field. The ultra bright 1:1.8 iZUIKO DIGITAL lens, dual image stabiliser and low light mode are perfect for night-time photography.

Low Light Masterpiece
The XZ-1's light-grabbing 1:1.8-2.5 iZUIKO DIGITAL lens stays bright across the entire zoom range. The fast TruePic V processor keeps noise to a minimum, while the dual image stabiliser balances longer shutter speeds. A maximum ISO of 6400 helps you get your shot - even in the darkest hour.

Get Great Bokeh
Bokeh is the Japanese word for artistic blurring in a photograph, the play of out-of-focus shapes in the background that is pleasing to the eye. For portraits and close-ups, bokeh makes for great pictures. The XZ-1 puts smashing bokeh control in the palm of your hands.

Brilliant OLED display
See clearly what you're shooting. The 3" 610K-dot display features deep blacks and great contrast, and stays brilliantly visible, even when viewed from an angle.

See Clearly
The XZ-1's Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display emits direct light for a clearer view when shooting and playing back movies and stills. Enjoy deeper blacks, increased contrast, more realistic colours and improved brightness - even when viewing from an angle.

More Features -
Mighty mini
- With its range of features and stunning image quality, you may forget how portable the XZ-1 truly is. The XZ-1 fits in your jacket pocket and goes everywhere you do.
A snap to use - Powerful enough for ambitious photographers, the XZ-1 is also easy for beginners to use, with the Live Guide and i-Auto pointing the way.
Get creative - Spice up your still shot or movie with one of six Art Filters - and check the results immediately on the brilliant 3" OLED display
Like it RAW? - You should - it means you don't lose any of the great image quality when you store or print out your pictures
Change it up - The XZ-1 is more than a high-end compact, it's a system camera with a range of accessories and add-ons to fit your shooting situation.


TIPA Awards 2011TIPA

The outstanding qualities of the Olympus XZ-1 were formally recognised at the recent TIPA Awards 2011. In its citation, the Technical Image Press Association highlight a number of groundbreaking advances in this exciting compact camera.




"The XZ-1 combines simple direct controls with an excellent lens to create probably the best photographers' compact currently available. The output JPEGs are great and the balance of lens range, brightness and compactness make it a really appealing package, whether as an only camera or as a more pocketable backup for DSLR owners"





Body Material
Image Sensor Type
1/1.63" CCD Sensor
Effective Pixels
Filter Array
Primary colour filter
Aspect Ratio & Area
4:3 /
Full resolution
11.3 Megapixels
Lens: focal length
6.0 - 24.0 mm
Focal Length (equiv. 35mm)
28 - 112 mm
Maximum Aperture
1.8 - 2.5
Optical Zoom
Engine Type
TruePic V
Sensitivity: Auto
ISO 100 - 800
Sensitivity: Manual
ISO 100 - 6400
Shutter Self Timer
12s / 2s


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