OCZ Technology SSD Upgrade Kit (Bracket, Enclosure, Software & Cables)

OCZ Technology SSD Upgrade Kit (Bracket, Enclosure, Software & Cables)

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Makes SSD upgrade easier than ever!

Transitioning to a solid state drive has never been easier thanks to OCZ's SSD Upgrade Kit, giving you all the tools in one convenient package to copy and transfer all your critical files and applications from your existing storage drive and get you up and running on your new SSD quickly and easily. Effortlessly migrate your operating system, personal data, programs, and media files onto your SSD to experience a faster, snappier new computing lifestyle that makes hard drives a thing of the past.

Included In The Kit

  • OCZ 2.5" to 3.5" Adapter Bracket
  • OCZ 2.5" External Drive Enclosure
  • Acronis® True Image HD Software CD (Windows)
  • Mounting Screws
  • SATA III 6Gbp/s Data Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable

Customer reviews

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1* OCZ SSD Upgrade kit
Reviewed by R. Gordon on 26/07/2013
Bought to migrate existing laptop HD to a Samsung SSD then to put the old HD in the enclosure to use as an external drive. Problem 1: OCZ HD enclosure extremely flimsy (just really a plastic hoop) and VERY tight fit. I imagine it could be broken very easily. Problem 2: the Acronis TrueImage software wouldn't boot - either on the laptop or on a desktop machine. Same error on each. Problem 3: Software is a special OEM version so no Acronis support. The Samsung SSD came with its own software, so used that instead. Problem 4: OCZ enclosure only allowed data transfer at USB 1.0 speed, ('time to complete' showed 49 hrs(!)). I put the SSD into another enclosure and transfer speed was fine - completed within 40 min. Looking closely at the OCZ unit I could see that the flow soldering was poor (solder bridges around the SM chip) presumably the cause of the problem? Problem 5: OCZ 'support' not interested. So: good value if not so shoddily made and if the software actually worked.
1* software does not work on win8
Reviewed by Anonymous on 26/07/2013
OCZ upport not interest. Told me to buy the latest version which costs twice as much as the kit. Sending it back. BT please update the description?
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