OCZ 120GB RevoDrive3 PCI-Express Solid State Drive

OCZ 120GB RevoDrive3 PCI-Express Solid State Drive

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Designed with power users and multimedia designers in mind, the RevoDrive 3 SSD Series provides the ultimate storage solution for intensive workstation applications with maximum performance and a sophisticated feature-set based on OCZ's proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture 2.0 (VCA) technology.

The RevoDrive 3 provides unique benefits to users by incorporating features from the VCA 2.0 flash virtualization software that allow certain direct memory access (DMA) and data management functions. Included in this feature-set are OCZ's exclusive command queuing and queue balancing algorithms, which can be handled by the onboard processing core for higher performance and reduced burden on the host resources. VCA 2.0 is also the only virtualization layer in the industry with TRIM and SCSI unmap support to enhance sustained performance and provide greater endurance by significantly reducing the overhead associated with garbage collection. Furthermore, VCA also offers consolidated SMART support and provides system administrators with advanced features for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting device attributes.

The RevoDrive 3 shatters its predecessor's performance record and is faster than comparable solutions ten times the price. Additionally, the Revo3 offers ample capacity for users in media development and management looking for more storage room.

The OCZ RevoDrive 3 provides incredible performance for data warehousing, applications, multimedia files, and operating systems with the superior durability, energy efficiency, and reliability of SSDs.



Solid state drive
Interface Type
PCI Express
120 GB

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5* 1000 MBps vs 600 MBps
Reviewed by doug on 16/05/2014 Whilst these drives are really quick and appear that your PC boots up like a tablet, the downside is the limited size, even with the 400gb ones. Also setting it as your C drive (the only reason for getting it) means you need to put the RAID drivers onto a floppy/USB drive during an install. But the OCZ PCI cards are as steady as a rock.
5* OCZ RevoDrive3 - short life
Reviewed by douggyFresh on 18/07/2014
The PCI express drives are Amazingly Fast, and the PCI3 ones at typically 5Gbps - consistently, not bursts of 6Gbps from a cache that still reading at 113mbps. PC boots up in under 5 secs. Nothing better. BUT Its a pain to setup, other than using the F6 special drivers during windows setup, there are some BIOS changes to ignore SATA for boot up. It does not last long, a few years before it gets 'disk errors' and looses Windows (you really need it as your C drive). You need to be in the habit of backing up. You cant plug it into another PC as a SATA drive to get the data off to recover. If you cant get an OS back onto it, and the original one you installed (otherwise it says incompatible OS), you are stuffed. It might be better to get 2 SATA drives and have them as striped raid, not that the 'disk' is any faster but you have two concurrent data channels - bit like SATA12. Just be careful!
4* Windows8=DPC Warchdog Violation (BSOD)
Reviewed by douggyFresh on 25/07/2014
Not ok with Win8 This Drive recently lost its Boot Record and so trying to recover it with Win7 DVD did not work. Since its not seen as a SATA drive(but custom SCSI) you cant put it into an existing PC to recover the data - so do backups with a recovery disk. When it was working it was far faster than a SATA SSD drive. Windows was fully booted in under 7 seconds. "What causes DPC Watchdog Violations? Several things can cause a DPC Watchdog Violation to be triggered in Windows 8. One of the most common is an SSD drive that has old firmware not supported by Windows 8. "
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