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Buy one WC7520 Wireless Controller and Get six FREE WNDAP360 Access Points

The Netgear WC7520 ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller offers a high-performance and fully-featured Wireless LAN architecture to meet the demands of medium-sized businesses, schools, and hospitals with up to 1,500 users and more. Focusing on ease-of-use, the Netgear WC7520 Controller simplifies wireless deployments and network management with best-in-class wireless reliability, coverage, and performance.

Key Features

-Fully-featured architecture for medium-sized businesses, schools, and hospitals with up to 1,500+ users -Supporting up to 150-APs, including redundancy and Wireless-N with appropriate licenses -Robust top-end security, L2/L3 fast roaming, VoWi-Fi QoS The scalable Netgear WC7520 Controller enables businesses to grow their wireless network as needed with a dramatic return on investment, with optional licenses that support their changing needs. Via licensing upgrades, the Netgear WC7520 ProSafe Wireless Controller scales up to 50 access points (AP) and can support next generation IEEE 802.11n APs. For larger deployments, the WC7520 Controller is stackable up to three units, supporting up to 150-APs, including controller redundancy.

Meeting the next generation needs of larger installations, the Netgear WC7520 Controller delivers central wireless management, integrated wireless mobility, robust top-end security and rich converged services such as L2/L3 fast roaming, guest access captive portal and Voice over Wi-Fi support. Built to last, the WC7520 Controller is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and delivers enterprise-class connectivity and secure wireless LAN functionality.

Scalable Architecture The Netgear WC7520 Controller comes with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n support. The Netgear WC7520 Controller natively supports 20 APs and is upgradable in 10-AP increments up to a total of 50 APs via WC7510L licenses. Stackable up to three controllers, a WC7520 Controller stack can support 150 access points with a single interface. Importantly, the WC7520 offers redundancy for always-on reliability and peace of mind.

Centralised Management Deployed as an overlay on the existing wired network infrastructure, the Netgear WC7520 20-AP Wireless Controller simplifies the network management by providing a single point of management for the entire wireless network. Easy to set up, the Netgear WC7520 Controller discovers all supported access points in the network, even across VLANs and subnets. Once identified, the access points are provisioned to dependent access points in minutes. Building floor plans can be used to visualise live coverage and heat maps of the wireless network.

Robust Security With identity-based security features such as support for RADIUS, Active Directory and internal or external AAA server, Netgear WC7520 ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller truly unifies wired and wireless access without compromising on security. Management VLAN is configurable and up to 8 security configuration profiles (SSID, 802.11i security, VLAN, ACLs, Radio parameters) can be active. Rogue AP detection and prevention permits Rogue APs classification (friendly or hostile). Standard RADIUS compliance enables support for third-party authentication and billing system implementation. Scheduled wireless on/off times permits the wireless network to be completely unavailable during specified non-business hours.

Guest Access, Captive Portal and Logging Guest access allows restricted access to the network, using an integrated captive portal. Two methods of entry are provided, either assisted or self certified. In the assisted model, the receptionist can create a user name and password for Guests in the GUI and the WC7520 Controller hosts a captive portal where Guests can enter their pre-configured credentials to gain a restricted access to the network. Alternatively, the Netgear WC7520 Controller hosts a captive portal where Guests can register themselves for restricted access to the network, prohibiting them any access to the sensitive data on the corporate network. Guest activity logs are available.

RF Management and Hole Detection With integrated RF planning tools, an administrator can input floor plans, building dimensions, and desired coverage. The planning tools compute the predicted RF characteristics of the building, and display predicted coverage. Automatic control of AP transmit power and channel allocation ensures coverage by minimising interferences. Automatic WLAN healing after loss of AP or due to RF interferences adapts the power and channel of the other APs around the area. Scheduled channel authorises enterprise-class reliable Wireless experience.

Heat Maps and Triangulation AP heat maps by wireless band, wireless channel and signal strength allows real-time view of the wireless network status. Administrators can easily locate known APs, rogue APs, and associated clients on the heat map by AP name, MAC address or IP address.

Monitoring and Reporting The health of each AP is defined by the number of clients, traffic load, RF interference, packet error levels and retransmission statistics. Statistics are providing reliable metrics per AP, per client, per floor and for the entire wireless network.

Includes Six (6) FREE Netgear WNDAP360 Access Points Supporting the Netgear WNDAP360 Access Points, the Netgear WC7520 Controller enables customers to select the right access points for their needs, even mixing models to provide the right coverage. The standard access points are converted to dependent access points. This bundle includes SAix (6) Netgear ProSafe Dual-Band Wireless-N Access Points FREE, all with Power over Ethernet capabilities and lifetime warranties.

Advanced Speed and Range with Comprehensive Internet Security

-Up to 15x the speed and 10x the coverage of 802.11a, 802.11g networks -Stylish and elegant design with easy mounting options (e.g. ceiling, wall and desktop) -Concurrent operation in 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio band for maximum wireless throughput -Backward compatibility with 802.11a, 802.11g and 802.11b network devices -Integrated Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af PoE) lowers deployment costs -Centralised management via wireless controller (WC7520) for large deployments -Deploy wireless coverage over large areas with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridging via Wireless Distribution System (WDS) -Security feature include WPA, WPA2, rogue AP detection and 802.1x with RADIUS support -Easy mounting mechanism for quick wall or ceiling installation -Internal antennas factory-optimised for maximum RF performance -Antenna take-offs enable optional accessory antenna attachment for 2.4GHz operations Load Balancing and Rate Limiting Automatic load balancing of clients across APs is provided based on number of clients per AP, maximum bandwidth utilisation per AP and signal strength threshold / data rate threshold of clients on the BSS. Rate limiting is provided by SSID or for