Monster Cables SuperTips™ Sampler Pack with Gel and Foam Tips

Monster Cables SuperTips™ Sampler Pack with Gel and Foam Tips

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Monster SuperTips feature proprietary materials and engineering to deliver performance you won't get from any other eartip. With SuperTips, you'll get deeper, tighter bass and more dynamic range all with comfort that stays in place.

SuperTips form a perfect seal in your ear to block sound from coming in or going out creating an ideal acoustic chamber in your ear. This optimized listening environment isolates and seals out outside noises providing an incredible music experience. All you hear is the music. Ordinary eartips absorb sound waves, deaden bass and decrease accuracy before they reach your ear. SuperTips feature a constraining layer that keeps sound waves undistorted and clean from speaker to eardrum to provide the cleanest, most accurate sound possible.

The portability of in-ear headphones makes them perfect for working out, bike riding, running, or even sleeping on that long flight. When performing these activities, comfort is as important as sound quality. Monster SuperTips pliable gel and ultra-soft foam materials conform easily to the shape of your ear canal. This makes for a comfortable fit that reduces ear fatigue, and stay in place during activities, letting you listen or rest for hours.



Product Description
Monster SuperTips Sampler Pack with Gel and Foam Tips - ear tips kit
Product Type
Ear tips kit



Product Type
Ear tips kit
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