Microsoft Windows 8 - 64-bit - 1 PC - DVD

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It's Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It's a touch interface. It's a Windows for devices. And it's easy to try now - whether you're installing it for the first time, or moving from Windows 8 consumer preview.



Do more with apps
The more apps you have, the better your experience. Apps can work together and share info, making it easier for you to do what you want.

Feel free to explore
There's an app for everyone. Browse lists of top apps, view staff recommendations, and get personalized picks based on apps you already own. And access is easy--the Store is built directly into Windows 8.


Connected with the Cloud

Your Windows, everywhere
Perfect it once, have it always. Sign in to any of your devices running Windows 8 and your personalized settings and apps are right there.

Connected to your people
Your apps light up with connections to your friends and family. Info from the services you connect to--Hotmail, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more--appears right inside the Mail, Messaging, and People apps.

Connected to your files
You use multiple PCs and a phone. Now you can connect across these devices to SkyDrive, Facebook, Flickr, and other services, so you can smoothly get to all your photos and files.


The Start Screen

Make it yours -
Personalise your start screen with the thing you care about most, Organise and customise it the way you want


Internet Explorer 10 - A New Browser for a New Windows

Fast and fluid
Built for speed, Internet Explorer brings you a faster web. Whether you're loading sites, sharing sites, or going from sites to apps, it all runs at a speed comparable to apps on your PC.

Browse with ease. There when you need them, tabs and navigation controls appear at the swipe of a finger. Share sites with friends--just swipe and tap. And pin sites to Start for one-click access.

A more trusted web
More security, more privacy, more peace of mind: Building on innovations like SmartScreen and Tracking Protection, Internet Explorer is designed to give you greater control over your personal info and help keep you safe from the latest online threats.



Product Description
Windows 8 - licence
Operating System
Windows 8 - 64-bit
Product Type
Licence Type
1 PC
Licence Pricing



Operating System
Windows 8 - 64-bit
Product Type


Licence Type
1 PC
Licence Pricing

System Requirements

Min Processor Type
1 GHz
Min RAM Size
2 GB
Min Hard Drive Space
20 GB
Additional Requirements
DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card



Customer reviews

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5* Super easy to install, not so easy to use
Reviewed by Bergamot Eng. on 23/09/2013
The DVD comes in an A5 cardboard envelop with a sticker showing the activation code. it is very easy to install. I won't go through the disadvantages Windows 8 shows compared with Windows 7 as this is well documented. I believed the next release (update, free and automatic for anyone who bought it since launch last year), out in October 2013 if I am right) will solve many of the issues.
5* I think it's OK
Reviewed by Nelson on 01/10/2013
I have seen a number of negative reviews about Windows 8 not only by people who purchased it, but also people who get paid to "review". Having just built a system for the first time I was averse to revert to Windows 7 when a new OS was readily available for a reasonable price and depending on where you shop, cheaper the Windows 7.

There is a learning curve, just like most things, and once you get over that you will start to understand how it works and note that it is intuitive and the way forward. I found a few instructional videos on YouTube helpful and Microsoft provide a manual to download, I haven't downloaded it yet.

Two weeks into using it, I can honestly say I have no reason to revert back to Windows 7.
3* Stick with Windows 7 at the moment
Reviewed by Ma-Linny Lou Gifts on 18/08/2013
The layout and design is ideal for tablets and smart phones, for PC's and Laptops it is no fun. Very glitchy with my install, a pain to get a normal restart without hard booting power button. I thought with the haswell chip this os would compliment each other but I do wish I had got a windows 7 o/s instead.
Windows 8 seriously needs a service pack soon.
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