Microlab FC360 2.1 Speaker System - (54 Watt)

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This system features top quality satellites that perform near perfect linear frequency response curve. Powerful subwoofer with fantastic depth for accurate sound production from all your playback media. Attention to details, this system is truly a must for all who appreciate music and multimedia entertainment.

Microlab premier range, the FC series is based on the FINE CONE designed by Acoustic expert, Peter Larsen. This design follows strict discipline in speaker designs to achieve perfect linear frequency response curve. Uncolored audio, precise position, and high resolution with Microlab own eAirbass technology.

- Powerful and crystal clear sound system
- 2.1 + 1 setup with standalone amplifier
- Low distortion noise and accurate reproduction
- Full range sound production with deeper bass using subwoofer
- All wooden speaker cabinets for excellent audio
- Connects to most media players such as Mp3/Mp4, LCD TV, computer and CD/DVD
- Front panel control and connections

Technical Specifications:
Output power: 54 Watt RMS
Power distribution: 15 Watt x 2 + 24 Watt
Harmonic distortion: < 0.3% 1 W 1 kHz
Frequency response: 35 Hz -20 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio: > 75 dB
Separation: > 45 dB
Input sensitivity: 350 mV

Tweeter driver type: 2.5" x 2
Tweeter rated power: 15 Watt 4 ohm
Subwoofer driver type: 6.5"
Subwoofer rated power: 30 Watt 8 ohm

Output: 3RCA sockets
Input: 3.5mm Stereo, 2RCA

Power supply: AC 220 V - 240 V, 50 Hz 200mA, or 100 V - 120 V, 460 mA versions

Package Contents:
FC360 amplifier
FC360 subwoofer
FC360 satellites x 2
2RCA - 3.5 mm stereo cable
User manual

Subwoofer: 255 x 255 x 287 mm
Satellites: 89 x 202 x 102 mm
Amplifier: 75 x 200 x 200 mm
Product net weight: 9.4 kg
Giftbox dimension: 434 x 304 x 406 mm
Giftbox gross weight: 10.3 kg
Export carton: 623 x 446 x 425 mm
Export carton gross weight: 21.9 kg

Customer reviews

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5* The best speakers for less than £100
Reviewed by Alex Barwick on 07/02/2012
Well I have just recieved my Micolab FC360 2.1 speaker system and recieved them earlier than antisapated well done supplier Microlabs Fc360 Speaker.These replace an expencive Sony system that the amp packed up. The installation was a breeze the speaker set are eseticaly pleasing and moderm design all in black and made of MDF which helps acusticaly. The sound produced is fantastic especialy from a set that cost less than £60 the repoduction of music is rich and accurate (I havent tried games on them yet)infact I am hearing instruments/notes I never heard with my old set and all this before the system has settled down. What I also like is that the amp and control is a seperate unit the only thing I find wrong with the unit is that the base control knob is positioned at the rear of the unit but who is complaining with a minor con. If you have a limited budget and are unable to purchase speakers in excess of £100 go for these as the sound is fantastic.
5* Good sound, sleek styling
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/04/2013
I got these speakers for a new self-build PC after reading favourable reviews. They seem well made with all-black gloss plastic and faux-leather texture. The sub is reassuringly heavy, and the satellites aren't far behind. The feet on the amp are fairly close together so it's possible to knock it over unless you can place it out of the way. As noted in another review, the system does give a noticeable thump when you switch on - not enough to worry about, but I'd expect some kind of protection against that. Max volume is far more than you need for desktop use without noticeable distortion. The sound is deep and bright but still well balanced. You do need to put the satellites on stands or tilt then up for desktop use, otherwise they'll point at your chest and you'll be listening off-axis. The aux-in socket on the amp cuts off the main input. The volume knob controls the aux-in, but bizarrely it does not control the volume on the headphones socket. On the whole pretty good for £50.
5* Microlab FC 360
Reviewed by Anonymous on 05/01/2012
Awesome piece of Kit - bought one just before Christmas and was pleasantly suprised. the clarity and richness of the base really is excellent, great price too - would recommend to anyone
5* Great sound, good build, excellent bang for your money
Reviewed by Paul Hardwick on 02/01/2016
I'm using the FC360 with my PC for music, films and games. It replaces my Logitech X-140 2.0 speakers which I thought were good but lacked something.

The build quality is good - the MDF satellites feel substantial and much nicer than the plastic speakers from Logitech etc.

Music: I compare all my sound systems using Dire Straits "Private Investigations". With the FC360 all individual instruments are positioned well, and cleanly/satisfyingly reproduced which was not the case with my more expensive gaming headset! Bass sounds are great and not boomy (you can add more of that with the rear dial if you need it!)

Games: Sound is rich. Bright clicks, dialogue is clear, bangs are full sounding. The sub-woofer fits under my desk nicely and adds a great sensory extra for Elite and Fallout 4.

If this is the sound reproduction I can get for less than £50 I can't imaging why you would want to spend more.
4* Good PC speakers
Reviewed by Anonymous on 09/02/2013
Really good speakers for your PC and at 50 I think are a good deal. However, when you switch on or off, you get a really loud popping sound. Even if the volume control is set to min, you get an unhealthy "pop!" Not what you'd expect from otherwise a quality product. Can anyone else that owns these confirm they get the POP!! too, or are mine faulty?
1* Probably sounds ok when it works
Reviewed by James Manson on 15/01/2016
I ordered one of these for my wife for Christmas. The subwoofer channel had a terrible, unusable hum on it. I requested a replacement. I've just tried the replacement and the power button only intermittently stays on. I can only conclude that these are not well made, or not sufficiently tested before being sold. I recommend avoiding it.
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