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Mend IT Warranty and Accidental Damage Bundle - 3 Years HP, Samsung, Toshiba & Apple £251-£400

Mend IT Warranty and Accidental Damage Bundle - 3 Years  HP, Samsung, Toshiba & Apple £251-£400

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MendIT - Smash l Crash l Splash (Warranty and Insurance)

MendIT Guarantee


As part of our continued support to our customers we are pleased to offer an extended collect & return warranty with accidental damage insurance bundle for 24 or 36 months guarantee, providing added protection should the equipment suffer a mechanical / electrical failure or in the event of the equipment suffering an accident. The cost of repair shall be limited to the purchase price of the equipment.


  • Customer calls MendIT repair centre 0844 244 9999 and warranty status is checked


1) We will make all reasonable attempts to provide the provision of service except where it is precluded by:
a) Adverse weather conditions
b) Industrial disputes (official or not)
c) Failure of the public transport system (including the road network) and repair thereto
d) Any other circumstances preventing access to your location or otherwise making provision of cover impractical

We shall be entitled to:
1) Decline cover, if in our opinion the location or services have not been maintained in a safe or serviceable condition.
2) Decide on the most appropriate means of providing cover, although we will take your wishes into account whenever possible.
3) If you request any additional work to be undertaken you will be responsible for the additional costs.
4) We shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused by delay in the supply of spare parts or components by the manufacturer or their suppliers or agents.
5) In the event that the parts for the equipment are no longer available, or the equipment is beyond economical repair, we will provide a replacement product based on a model of the same or similar specification.
6) This guarantee is governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales.
7) All benefits under this guarantee will be lost if a claim under this guarantee is made that is false or dishonest in any way
8) Where the equipment is deemed to be beyond economical repair and is replaced under the terms of the guarantee all benefits under the guarantee will cease.
9) In the event that there is another warranty in force covering the Registered Equipment then we shall only pay our ratable proportion of any claim under this agreement

Our aim is at all times to provide a first class standard of service. However, if you feel that this has not been achieved according to this guarantee please contact:-

Your legal rights are not affected by this guarantee.


1. Claims Notifications & Requirements

In order to make a claim, you or your personal representative, must:
- Within 14 days of the occurrence of the insured event, notify the administrator in writing;
- Submit a claim form to the administrator
You must also:
- Take precautions to prevent further damage to the equipment (the insurer will not be liable for any further damage resulting from the continued use of equipment before the equipment has been repaired to the satisfaction of the insurer)
- Retain any damaged equipment or parts thereof; and
- When requested to do so, and within 14 days of receiving such request, deliver to the administrator a written statement of all reasonable particulars and details of the equipment affected, its value and the insured event and furnish all such documents, explanations and other evidence as may be reasonably required by the insurer.

Unless all of the terms of this condition (as detailed above) are complied with, a claim under this policy will not be payable. UK Underwriting Ltd and the administrator are insurers agents and in the matters of a claim act on behalf of the insurer.

2. Cover for replacement equipment

In the event of a valid claim resulting in the replacement of all or part of the equipment, this policy will not automatically cover the item or items of replacement equipment during the remainder of the policy year in which the claim has been settled. However, the replacement equipment may be insured on payment of an additional premium, which will be proportionate to the value of the replacement equipment. If you have purchased cover for more than one year and the policy still has one year or more un-expired, the replacement equipment will be insured under the policy from the start of the next policy year but will not be insured during the remainder of the policy year in which the claim has been settled unless an additional premium has been paid.


We will cover the equipment against mechanical / electrical failure including the cost of parts, labour and carriage subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

- If the manufacturers / repairers seal is broken then all benefits under the guarantee will cease.
- Repairs not authorised by us or not undertaken by our appointed engineer.
- Collection charges where the fault relates to a software or program error.
- Unauthorised modifications to the equipment.
- Consumable or auxiliary items e.g. discs, leads, printers, batteries / battery packs or any accessories, peripherals or external hardware supplied with the equipment.
- Accidental, malicious or intentional damage to the equipment.
- Failure to comply with the manufacturer's instructions for the care of the equipment.
- Faults relating to the installation of the equipment, or software.
- Corrupted or conflicting software installed or as a result of a computer virus.
- Claims relating to maladjustment, incorrect configuration or setting of manual controls or programming.
- Damage caused by foreign objects or substances.
- Faults reported under the manufacturer's warranty period or which relates to a manufacturing fault or recall.
- Claims arising from the interruption, surge or complete failure of the power supply however caused.
- Inadequate ventilation of the equipment.
- Claims arising as a result of normal wear and tear (e.g. fuses/batteries).
- Consequential loss of any type.
- Loss of data or information.

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