Logitech Driving Force GT - Wheel, Pedals & Gear Stick Set - PS2 & PS3

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Driving Force? GT

With force feedback and 900-degree wheel rotation, the official wheel of Gran Turismo™ makes your PLAYSTATION®3 racing experience come to life.

The official wheel of Gran Turismo®, the Logitech® Driving Force™ GT is designed from the ground up to provide an exceptionally realistic PLAYSTATION®3 racing experience. It features advanced force-feedback technology, 900-degree wheel rotation, a comfortable 33 cm (11 inch) rubber-overmold rim, a 24-position real-time adjustment dial and full-size accelerator and brake pedals.

Force feedback. Feel it.
Hold on to your seat.
Much more than just non-directional vibration feedback or "rumble", force feedback accurately reflects the action of your game. Bouncing off the wall at Daytona? Taking flak above Dresden? With force feedback, you'll feel it.

Drive better
You can tune your car to max out its horsepower. You can drive day and night to hone your skills. But road conditions can only be transmitted through the feel of the steering wheel you're using.
On top of accurately registering collisions, a force feedback wheel can provide subtle information about how your car is performing. Throttle too hard and you'll feel your tires starting to lose grip. Lose control of the car's rear end and the wheel will fight against you as you counter-steer to regain control.

900-degree wheel rotation
You can go 2.5 times around lock to lock--just as you would behind the wheel of many real cars.

28 cm rubber-overmold rim
You'll enjoy a comfortable grip--even during intense races.

24-position adjustment dial
You can fine-tune brake bias, traction control system (TCS), and other settings on the fly for serious control over your car's performance.

Gas and brake pedals
True-to-life pedals give you precise throttle and brake response.

Sequential stick shift
You can go through the gears for total control.

One-piece wheel construction
You can drive with confidence knowing this rigid, sturdy wheel won't squeak or flex during aggressive maneuvers.

Custom tuned for popular games
You can see and feel every bit of wheel movement reflected in-game--with virtually no dead zones or lag.

Optical encoding
You can experience reliable and accurate handling race after race after race.

PC-compatible software
You can download the latest software and make it compatible with your PC racing games.



Product Description
Logitech Driving Force GT - wheel, pedals and gear shift lever set - wired
Product Type
Wheel, pedals and gear shift lever set
Connectivity Technology
Pointing Device / Manipulator
Gear shift lever
Microsoft Certification
Compatible with Windows 7
English / United Kingdom
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty
Designed For
Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3



Product Type
Wheel, pedals and gear shift lever set
Connectivity Technology
Pointing Device / Manipulator
Gear shift lever

Game Controller (1st) Details

Force feedback, soft rubber grip


1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A


English / United Kingdom
Compatible with Windows 7
"Compatible with Windows 7" software and devices carry Microsoft’s assurance that these products have passed tests for compatibility and reliability with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3


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5* Logitech Driving Force GT
Reviewed by Steve M on 04/01/2010
Got this wheel for Christmas, and it's excellent!. First time i've used a Force Feedback wheel and the realism is totally amazing!. I use this wheel on a PC, with 'Live For Speed (LFS)' and TOCA 3.Before the wheel would work,i had to download the driver from LOGITECH - which was really easy to do and install!. As this wheel is not offically supported by the PC,you may find there are no profiles available for your games (didn't find LFS or TOCA3),but don't let that put you off quick search on the net gave me the settings required!!!. Also, what an amazing price! I've been after this wheel for about 6 months, but the price put me off,with another well known on-line retailer, wanting £80! If this wheel comes back in stock, at this price..... GET IT! :)
5* Fantastic Wheel
Reviewed by Graham Stevenson on 09/04/2012
I can't understand why this wheel is only advertised as a playstation wheel. I'm using it with a pc and it works perfectly, it even comes with a windows driver disk. it is easy to install and the force feedback effects will blow you away.
So far I have used it with Need for speed shift, Shift 2 unleashed and F1 2011 All games recognised it straight away.
If you are looking for a force feedback wheel for playstation or pc I cannot reccomend this highy enough its fantastic
5* PS3 & PC wheel
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/11/2008
Great wheel for both the PS3 and PC. First time I've used a Forced Feedback wheel and its excellent. Bought this item due to other good reviews about it I read and I was not disappointed. The only negative for me is that the grips to fasten to your desk don't open very wide (about 1 inch) and so meant I had to fasten to a wooden board and then using vice grips fasten the wooden board to my desk. Even so I love the wheel.
5* A MUST HAVE for Simulation Racers!
Reviewed by Philip Scott on 18/01/2010
The wheel provides accuracy, plenty of force feedback and has enough buttons to satisfy everyone. The clamps are sufficient for the job and I’ve had no problems with them loosening (so far). The only downside is the lack of proper paddle shifters like on the G25/G27. Instead the GT has buttons which are still very usable, but just not as good!

Every review that I read said that the pedals were the biggest let down of the whole package and to be honest, they're not as bad as they say. Fair enough they don't have the same build quality and feel of the G25/G27 pedals, but on the other hand the whole GT kit is about a 1/3 of the cost so you can't really grumble. They provide an adequate amount of response, feel sturdy enough for years of abuse and are overall perfectly useable!

The GT is a must have for simulation racers, as it helps shave seconds off your lap times! It works fine with Dirt2 and NFS Shift, however using it to play Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is where it really shines :)
5* Logitech DFGT Wheel
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/12/2009
Got the DGFT on Saturday and it's fantastic. It's added a whole new dimension to driving games. So far tested with GTR2, GTR Evo, Rfactor, NFS:Shift ( All on PC Windows 7 x64, just download the drivers from the logitech site, installed first time ), and also tried it on GT5 Prologue on my PS3. Great build quality, and fantastic Force Feed Back. If you like racing sims i highly recommend this wheel. You will not be able to use this on your lap, you need to mount it on a table, but the clamps are rock solid.....5 stars from me.....
5* Great Price, Great Entertainment, Great Realism
Reviewed by on 14/12/2009
First off i would like to say, great pricing compared to other stores such as ''. The wheel revamps Racing games on the ps3 such as gran turismo prologue and even on the pc. The wheel is compatiable on pc and ps3. My lap times on each racing game i have have improved due to great acurracy and feeling of the game the wheel provides. Its also built really well so smooth to rough driving styles canbe used lol I bought this wheel a few months ago, still works and looks well.
4* Logitech Driving Force GT (PC)
Reviewed by Matt on 16/01/2010
I purchased this wheel to use with several racing games on my PC. Ned for Speed Shift, and the colin mcrae series Dirt and Dirt 2. Need for speed is literally plug and play with this wheel and works superbly. The wheel gives great feedback, and once you figure out which settings you prefer, it is far superior to a gamepad. The wheel is of excellent build quality, although all plastic the parts are sturdy and well put together. The mounting mechanism is ok also. The wheel is not immediately compatible with the Dirt series however. I ended up having to adjust the registry settings which isnt for the feint hearted. Its not as tricky as it sounds but you shouldnt attempt if you have never done similar before. There are many threads on the net for this particular problem which logitech and codemasters havent done anything to solve as of Jan 2010! All in all a great wheel for 99% of games but dont buy it specifically for Dirt 2 it wont work on the pc without a hassle.
2* Wheel Great, Pedals Rubbish
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/12/2009
well i was really looking forward for this.
once i took it all out of the box and set it up.

I started playing on gran turismo.
within 30 minutes. the brake pedal started sticking a little bit so i could not get full speed on my game.

so i started looking a round the internet. and found alot of other users are having issues with the driving fore pedals aswell

got to say the wheel is fantastic.

but the pedals are a FAILURE

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