LaCie 8TB 4big Quadra USB 3.0 7200rpm

LaCie 8TB 4big Quadra USB 3.0 7200rpm

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4big Quadra USB 3.0: 4-Bay RAID | USB 3.0 | FireWire 800

Built for Pros. Performance and Security for All.

  • USB 3.0 Speed: Up to 245MB/s
  • Multi-interface for PC/Mac compatibility
  • RAID 5 and hot-swap for speed with security
  • Aluminum enclosure and quiet operation
  • Design by Neil Poulton

In this deadline-driven world, your external storage has to move data fast, be constantly dependable, and connect to any standard computer on the planet. With these needs in mind, LaCie designed the 4big Quadra USB 3.0 from the ground up. With USB 3.0 and RAID 5, it delivers speed and security without compromise. Thanks to an efficient and ultra-quiet cooling system, the LaCie 4big Quadra is completely reliable and perfect for intensive content creation, secure backup, or massive desktop storage.

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for a Workflow Boost: USB 3.0 and UAS compatibility for intensive content creation and faster transfers.
  • Universal Connectivity for Compatibility: Connect to any computer and even daisy chain FireWire peripherals.
  • Comprehensive Data Protection: RAID 5 and hot-swappable disks for complete security.
  • Dual Cooling System for Long-Term Reliability: Efficient and near-silent cooling for a long-lasting product.
  • Perfect for Professional Environments
  • Flexible installation, real-time monitoring, and three-year warranty.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for a Workflow Boost

Now with USB 3.0 and UAS compatibility, the LaCie 4big Quadra delivers optimized performance for PC and late-model Mac. Its four 7200rpm professional hard disks configured in RAID 0 provide up to 245MB/s* . The hardware RAID controller ensures sustained performance and prevents dropped frames. More than twice as fast as FireWire 800 (up to six times the speed of USB 2.0), the LaCie 4big Quadra will transform your workflow. And its massive capacity makes it the only storage you'll need for all your projects. Backups and file transfers finish much faster. Play back multiple HD video streams in Final Cut Pro X™ or Adobe® Premiere®. Enjoy more responsive photo library browsing in Aperture™ or Lightroom™.

Universal Connectivity for Compatibility

Don't let your project get derailed by external drive/computer incompatibility. With its multiple interfaces, the LaCie 4big Quadra is the perfect match for any Mac or PC. With FireWire 800, import your data from your old computer even faster, if your old computer is compatible. You can even daisy chain older external storage devices or A/V peripherals in order to import data directly, hassle-free. Thanks to backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and FireWire 400**, you can literally connect the LaCie 4big Quadra to any standard computer of any era. Whatever the computer you use, the LaCie 4big Quadra has the right connection for it.

Comprehensive Data Protection

The LaCie 4big Quadra goes the extra mile to protect your data. It can be configured in RAID 5 so your data is kept safe even if a drive fails, without compromising performance. Thanks to hot-swappable drives, you can simply swap in a new disk without switching off the device. No downtime, and no data loss. You also won't lose any data if, during a file transfer, someone trips over the interface or power cable. The LaCie 4big Quadra's cable management system keeps all cables safely connected to the enclosure. This product is also a complete workstation backup solution. It includes professional backup software that lets you perform file-level and even system-level backup and restore. So you can create a full system backup that lets you boot your Mac directly from the product. It's also Time Machine™ and Windows 7 Backup compatible. It even lets you prevent physical theft thanks to Kensington® lock compatibility.

Customer reviews

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5* excellent backup device
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/11/2012
I wanted something to run simple backups and imaging. I got one of these to backup several production machines. There's enough space to store plenty of data, which is great! I can run backups of my PCs and the boot server, so if anything stops working I can restore it.
5* Great one
Reviewed by Hudson on 14/01/2013
I got this drive to use for backups and to store raw footage. It's fast and works quietly and efficiently. Raid1 was easy to setup. There's enough space to store all my work, and the USB3 connection is excellent.
5* Great Product. Easy use.
Reviewed by Jeffrey T on 06/10/2013
Easy to setup and install this RAID system will virtually run itself, if like me you are just using it for a backup system. The unit comes with the LaCie desktop manager for system alerts and setting up the front shortcut button, and backup software too, for both PC or Mac. It's also very well built and it's USB 3.0.
5* Excellent Device
Reviewed by Ashley on 10/12/2012
With 8 TB storage and USB 3.0 interface, this drive can handle any workload I throw at it, without slowing me down. It's a very quiet unit, the fan is quite small but the metal casing helps to cool the unit down. Really happy with this purchase, just what I needed.
5* Great amount of storage and great performance
Reviewed by Kenneth on 18/03/2013
I needed a backup unit for my office. The 4big seemed like an excellent choice. There's plenty of room. The software for setting up backups and RAID modes is easy to use. The speeds are good, and there's no noise.
5* Fast, spacious and well built
Reviewed by Finn on 14/07/2013
Great device, the build quality is just outstanding! We run it in RAID 5 mode, and even then there is more than enough space for all of our backups. It's very fast, USB 3.0 transfer speed is just what I've been dreaming about. The hard drives it comes with seem to be very good quality. The unit works great, no complaints!
5* Great item
Reviewed by J.L. on 14/11/2012
I use this unit for backup. I configured it to operate in RAID 1, which provides me with peace of mind by making sure data is written to both drives at the same time (while still retaining excellent throughput characteristics).
5* So far so good
Reviewed by Spencer on 24/11/2012
I bought a couple of these for our agency. We run them in RAID 5, so we've got lots of space for our working projects. They're fast enough that we can load up projects pretty quickly, which is important as we frequently have different people working on the same projects.
5* Great Drive!
Reviewed by Camden on 09/02/2013
I bought one of these units for my video studio. It's capacious enough to hold plenty of data, and it's pleasantly fast. I use it to store raw footage and edited copies. It's an excellent drive, very efficient and simple to setup and use. Works great.
5* good product
Reviewed by Dustin on 23/06/2013
I bought this drive for work as a file server, although I use it for media storage as well. It works well in a Mac environment, both functionally and visually. The design is simple and stylish. The power management software is easy to use and helps to save energy.
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