LaCie 3TB Minimus USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop Drive

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LaCie Minimus: The World's Smallest USB 3.0 Desktop Drive.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 performance
  • Tough aluminum casing

With the LaCie Minimus, you've got the power and performance of USB 3.0 combined with an ultra-compact size. It's small, which makes it the perfect choice for users that enjoy their terabytes as much as their desk space. It's also easy to transfer HD movies, photos, and sound files with USB 3.0 - a fast interface. Since the LaCie Minimus is backward compatible with USB 2.0, it works on any PC or Mac.

Strong Aluminum Exterior

Complementing its remarkably small size, the Minimus is encased in sturdy brushed aluminum for an elegant aesthetic appeal. The aluminum offers resilience from blunders, improved heat dissipation, and is fully recyclable.

User-friendly Software Suite Included

  • Automatic Backup: Easy setup and automatic worry-free backup for both PC and Mac computers.
  • Password Protection: With LaCie Private-Public software built-in, it's easy to make sure that your files are secure and protected, no matter where you go.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: 10GB of Wuala Online Storage included for one year to securely store and share your data online.
  • 77% Energy Savings: Automatic Eco mode lowers the power consumption by up to 77% when not in use, increasing the battery life of your notebook or laptop.



Product Description
LaCie Minimus - hard drive - 3 TB - USB 3.0
Hard drive - external (desktop)
3 TB
USB 3.0
Data Transfer Rate
5.0 Gbps (USB 3.0)
Power Source
Included AC adapter
Enclosure Colour
Dimensions (WxDxH)
11.07 cm x 17.28 cm x 2.94 cm
850 g
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty



Device Type
Hard drive - external (desktop)
3 TB
USB 3.0
11.07 cm
17.28 cm
2.94 cm
850 g


Interface Transfer Rate
5.0 Gbps (USB 3.0)

Expansion & Connectivity

1 x USB 3.0


Power Source
Included AC adapter
Power Device
Power adapter

Software & System Requirements

Software Included
LaCie Setup Assistant, Lacie Backup Software
OS Required
Apple MacOS X 10.6, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7, Apple MacOS X 10.5


Cables Included
1 x USB cable - external
Enclosure Colour

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year

Customer reviews

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5* Good Straightforward Drive
Reviewed by Anonymous on 17/01/2013
I wanted a no-frills big drive to do a back up of my Linux media server's ZFS filesystem. This drive so far meets the bill.

It comes with a small partition of software with the rest of the space unformatted. Presumably this Windows/Mac software partitions the blank space and installs backup software on your PC.

I put a GPT partition table and a 3TB ext4 filesystem on it and the drive was happy. There are no un-deletable partitions on it so ease of use is 5.

The casing is well built, compact and attractive. This is a huge drive for not too much money so value is 5 too.

As for reliability... only time will tell.
5* fast and reliable
Reviewed by Shannon on 03/11/2013
Great piece of hardware - ultra fast, ultra compact, and well designed. I use it for media storage and it has been working consistently since day one.
5* Solid Performer
Reviewed by Lynn Thorne on 26/08/2013
I wanted to get some more storage, and this drive caught my eye. It has good capacity, and an excellent compact design. It works very well via USB 3.0. It's plenty fast, quiet, and cool. Overall, very good value and great performance.
5* Great Drive
Reviewed by anonymous on 01/10/2013
My laptop just didn't have enough storage in it, and I didn't want a huge hard drive taking up my space and being all clunky. The Minimus was the perfect solution to my problem. Hard aluminium enclosure, USB 3.0 and best of all 3TBs of space at a reasonable price, this is a winner.
5* Excellent Quality
Reviewed by Nicole R on 06/10/2013
Fast, easy to use and quick to install, and very handy all round, the Minimus is a beautiful little drive. It's pretty compact, and yet somehow holds 3TB worth of storage. Highly recommend this drive if you are looking for a quality unit.
5* Excellent for Late 2012 iMac
Reviewed by Anonymous on 11/03/2013
Bought two of these whilst on Special price ( £99-99 ) from BT Shop - Works fine on iMac - can be formatted to NTFS if required using the included lacie software ! - Powers down on energy saving sleep mode and they only make a slight whine when awaking ( Powering up ) - All in all a great buy !
5* LaCie 3TB Minimus USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop Drive
Reviewed by Lionel on 22/02/2013
Found the disk to be excellent value for money and not as David has reported, useless. I think this was because he did not realise that the disk had to be converted to a GTP disk in order to exploit the full 3TB.
4* Not as small as the picture suggests
Reviewed by Anonymous on 05/01/2013
Don't buy this drive if you are looking for something the size and discretion of a portable drive. I don't know whose hands they used but I am 6'5 with hands to match and this drive totally covers my hand! This is a full size 3" desktop drive, thought the minimal casing means that it is no larger than a 3" internal drive with aluminium cladding. Although sleek, the cladding is not flashy, looking merely like a folded aluminium sheet with black plastic ends.
It is fairly quiet - a gentle whooshing most of the time, a bit like central heating! Cleverly any vibration has been minimised by well designed feet at the bottom of the unit. The power supply is at the plug end with a small lead keeping clutter down.
I haven't fully tested the speed, but expect it to be up there with other USB 3 drives.
4* blatantly misleading picture
Reviewed by Martin Vickers on 07/01/2013
A good disk with no problems so far (early days yet though). But if you want small, don't look to the picture as a guide as that image of the disk is not to scale with that of the hand. That sort of false advertising is indefensible.
Reviewed by David on 20/02/2013
DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS 7 - can't see any storage. It is formatted in FAT32 not NTFS and as it has some files already on it. (Sorry I don't understand any more.) You cannot convert it to NTFS, all in all a very old format for a 3TB drive. I am returning mine and going to Maplin! Shame BT did not test it first - we are not all computer wizards. All the other drives I have bought from Maplin have always worked.
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