LaCie 2TB Minimus USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive (Compatible with USB 2.0)

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Form Factor
2 TB
USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 Compatible)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
110.7 x 29.4 x 172.8mm
2 Year


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Customer reviews

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5* Great desktop drive
Reviewed by Olive on 29/09/2011
I love my new Minimus. The drive is just a bit bigger than a regular portable drive and has 2TB of storage space. It comes with a power supply and a USB 3.0 cable. The setup couldn't be easier. The drive is quiet, compact and very simple to use.
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Robby on 20/11/2011
We are implementing an electronic archiving system at a company, which includes software and hardware solutions. We purchased Minimus to test the system and to move project files around. The drive is ideal for this purpose - 2TB capacity, very compact, the file transfer speed is high, and the automatic backup software significantly simplifies working with data. This is an great model, which is very useful for business solutions.
5* A great drive
Reviewed by John Price on 20/03/2012
Disk image backups on a small company network

Reason for purchase:
To replace two WD MyBook drives which returned so many i/o errors with very large files as to be almost unusable (especially on a USB 3 connection).

This drive is fast and quiet. So far it has never returned an i/o error, and has surpassed our expectations.
5* LaCie 2TB - a little gem
Reviewed by Derek Tilford on 14/02/2013
Excellent piece of kit, coupled with automatic back-up software allows me to keep clear of the 'Cloud'. With twice the storage capacity of my desktop computer this should last me a lifetime. The speed of transfer after USB 2 is worth the price alone.

When they start charging for a place on the cloud, I shall be really thanking my lucky stars that I invested in this gem.
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