JVC Hi-Capacity Camcorder Battery

JVC Hi-Capacity Camcorder Battery

Product overview



Standard Due date unavailable

Data Battery, for the following DV camcorders:
- GR-D720/726/728/740/746/760
And the following EVERIO camcorders:
- GZ-MG130/131/132/133/134/135/148/150/155/175/177/255/275/575 and GZ-HD7.



Product Description
JVC BN VF815U - camcorder battery - Li-Ion
Product Type
Camcorder battery
Lithium Ion - 1460 mAh
Designed For
JVC GC-P100, PX10, PX100, GR-D720, D721, D725, D726, D728, D740, D741, D747, D750, D760, D770, D790, D796, D815, D820, D824, D850, D860, D870, DA20, DA30, GY-HM100, HM150, HMZ1U, GZ-MG130, MG135, MG255, MG465, MG575, JY-HM90; Everio GZ-HD300, HM1, HM1S, HM1SEU, HM1SU, HM1SUS, HM400, MG360, MS95



Product Type
Camcorder battery


Lithium Ion
Voltage Provided
7.2 V
1460 mAh
Run Time (Up To)
150 min

Compatibility Information

Designed For
JVC GC-P100, GC-PX10, GC-PX100, GR-D720, GR-D720E, GR-D720EY, GR-D721, GR-D721E, GR-D725, GR-D725E, GR-D726EX, GR-D728E, GR-D728EK, GR-D740, GR-D740AC, GR-D740E, GR-D740EG, GR-D740EY, GR-D741ER, GR-D747, GR-D747E, GR-D750, GR-D750AA, GR-D750AC, GR-D750ER, GR-D750U, GR-D760, GR-D760E, GR-D760EK, GR-D760EX, GR-D760EY, GR-D770, GR-D770EK, GR-D770EX, GR-D770U, GR-D790, GR-D790U, GR-D796, GR-D796U, GR-D815, GR-D815EG, GR-D815EX, GR-D820, GR-D820E, GR-D820EK, GR-D820EX, GR-D824, GR-D850, GR-D850AA, GR-D850U, GR-D860, GR-D860E, GR-D860EK, GR-D860EX, GR-D870, GR-D870U, GR-DA20, GR-DA20EK, GR-DA30, GR-DA30US, GY-HM100E, GY-HM100U, GY-HM150E, GY-HM150U, GY-HMZ1U, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG135, GZ-MG135EY, GZ-MG255EY, GZ-MG465BEX, GZ-MG575EY, JY-HM90 , JVC Everio GZ-HD300, GZ-HD300AE, GZ-HD300AEK, GZ-HD300AEZ, GZ-HD300AUS, GZ-HD300BE, GZ-HD300BEK, GZ-HD300BEZ, GZ-HD300RE, GZ-HD300REK, GZ-HD300REZ, GZ-HD300RU, GZ-HD320BE, GZ-HD320BEU, GZ-HD5U, GZ-HM1, GZ-HM1S, GZ-HM1SEU, GZ-HM1SU, GZ-HM1SUS, GZ-HM200, GZ-HM200BE, GZ-HM200BEK, GZ-HM200G, GZ-HM400, GZ-HM400BEU, GZ-HM400EU, GZ-HM400EZ, GZ-HM400U, GZ-HM400US, GZ-MG330HEZ, GZ-MG334, GZ-MG340, GZ-MG360BUS, GZ-MG630, GZ-MG630AAG, GZ-MG630AE, GZ-MG630AEK, GZ-MG630AEU, GZ-MG630AEZ, GZ-MG630RE, GZ-MG630REK, GZ-MG630REU, GZ-MG630REZ, GZ-MG630SE, GZ-MG630SEK, GZ-MG630SEU, GZ-MG630SEZ, GZ-MG630US, GZ-MG645, GZ-MG645BE, GZ-MG645BEK, GZ-MG645BEU, GZ-MG645BEZ, GZ-MG670BUS, GZ-MG680B, GZ-MG680BE, GZ-MG680BEK, GZ-MG680BEU, GZ-MG680BUS, GZ-MG840, GZ-MG840B, GZ-MG840BE, GZ-MG840BEU, GZ-MS100BEZ, GZ-MS100REG, GZ-MS100REZ, GZ-MS120, GZ-MS120AE, GZ-MS120AEK, GZ-MS120AEU, GZ-MS120AEZ, GZ-MS120BE, GZ-MS120BEU, GZ-MS120BEZ, GZ-MS120BUS, GZ-MS120P, GZ-MS120PE, GZ-MS120PEU, GZ-MS120PEZ, GZ-MS120S, GZ-MS120SE, GZ-MS120SEK, GZ-MS120SEU, GZ-MS120SEZ, GZ-MS125A, GZ-MS125AEU, GZ-MS125AEZ, GZ-MS125B, GZ-MS125BEU, GZ-MS125BEZ, GZ-MS125S, GZ-MS125SEU, GZ-MS125SEZ, GZ-MS130BE, GZ-MS90, GZ-MS95, GZ-MS95EU, GZ-MS95SEU
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