Intel Core i7-3930K 3.20GHz S2011 12MB

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Get the top-of-the-line unlocked processor that delivers 2nd generation smart performance at its best

Whether it's HD media, 3D gaming, or serious multitasking, unlock your full potential with the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3930K processor. With top-of-the-line adaptive speed1 and features, and overclocking enabled it delivers 2nd generation smart performance at its best with the flexibility to set your system specs just the way you like.

There are two words in your vocabulary that should never meet--Game and Over. You love playing, and you love winning, so you demand unmatched performance, the ability to customize your rig, and features that put you in control of the action. With Intel® technology inside your PC, you step into a heart-pounding experience. Pick up your weapon, challenge your friends, and never shut down.


  • Automatically speeds up your processor when your PC needs extra performance--that's Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
  • Features 12-way multi-task processing that allows each core of your processor to work on multiple tasks at the same time--that's Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Higher frequency and larger cache size deliver even more responsiveness for the serious multitasker.
  • High PCI Express* bandwidth support for multi-card Nvidia* SLI* and AMD* CrossFire* graphics configurations.
  • Unlocked for the flexibility to tailor processor performance and power to match your needs.
  • Overclocking enabled to allow tuning your system for extra performance.



LGA2011 Socket
Core i7
Clock Speed
3.2 GHz
Cache Memory
12 MB

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5* What an absolute monster!
Reviewed by Anthony C on 02/10/2012
I bought one of these at the back end of January and I haven't been disappointed. It's expensive, but definitely more bang for your buck than you get with the range-topping i7-3960X which is nearly twice as expensive.

I regularly run multiple VMs, have large databases and high-res photoshop projects all on the go at once, and this processor doesn't bat an eye-lid. The turbo-boost keeps power usage down to reasonable levels until you need it and it easily clocks over the standard 3.2GHz and remains stable. I highly recommend the Intel liquid cooling solution to go with it too.
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