HP 45W Adaptor NPFC Smart RC 4.5MM NSLIM

HP 45W Adaptor NPFC Smart RC 4.5MM...


HP 45W Adaptor NPFC Smart RC 4.5MM NSLIM

HP 45W Adaptor NPFC Smart RC 4.5MM NSLIM

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HP 741727-001 19.5V 2.31A 45W AC Adapter Charger Power Supply for HP Laptops / Ultrabooks Series

Product Features:

AC input voltage: 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output: 19.5V ~ 2.31A

Power: 45W

Connecter size: 4.5 x 3.0MM With Pin

Package Included:
1 X Brand New 45W AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)



Product Description
HP Smart non-PFC - power adapter - 45 Watt
Device Type
Power adapter - external
Power Capacity
45 Watt
Designed For
HP 14, 15, 255 G3; EliteBook 745 G3, 840 G3; EliteBook Folio 1020 G1; ENVY x360; Pavilion 11, 13



Device Type
Power adapter - external

Power Device

Power Capacity
45 Watt


Cables Included
No power cord is included

Compatibility Information

Designed For
HP 14-d054TU, 14-g005la, 14-r001la, 14-r003tu, 14-r007la, 14-r008la, 14-r013la, 14-r020la, 14-r020nd, 14-r021la, 14-r022la, 14-r023la, 14-r033tu, 14-r100ng, 14-w008la, 14-z000na, 14-z000nl, 14-z001na, 14-z001nl, 14-z002na, 14-z010nd, 14-z011nd, 15-d001si, 15-d001sl, 15-d002si, 15-d003si, 15-d004au, 15-d009sl, 15-d017sl, 15-d022es, 15-d035dx, 15-d038ca, 15-d043sw, 15-d051nr, 15-d051sm, 15-d052nr, 15-d053nr, 15-d074nr, 15-d081nr, 15-f004wm, 15-f009ca, 15-f010wm, 15-f014wm, 15-f039wm, 15-f059wm, 15-g000ei, 15-g000sc, 15-g000si, 15-g004nf, 15-g004sl, 15-g005ng, 15-g005sw, 15-g007ng, 15-g010nl, 15-g010nr, 15-g011nr, 15-g011sm, 15-g012dx, 15-g014la, 15-g015sr, 15-g018si, 15-g021ng, 15-g022na, 15-g028ng, 15-g031ds, 15-g032ds, 15-g033ds, 15-g034ds, 15-g034no, 15-g035ds, 15-g035wm, 15-g036ds, 15-g037ds, 15-g039ds, 15-g039wm, 15-g040ca, 15-g041ds, 15-g042ds, 15-g051ng, 15-g057nf, 15-g070nr, 15-g071nr, 15-g072nr, 15-g073nr, 15-g074nr, 15-g075nr, 15-g077nr, 15-g078nr, 15-g079no, 15-g080nr, 15-g085no, 15-g090nr, 15-g099sm, 15-p020nc, 15-p053na, 15-p054na, 15-p058na, 15-p098nf, 15-p099no, 15-r001ei, 15-r001si, 15-r002ei, 15-r002si, 15-r003ei, 15-r003nl, 15-r003si, 15-r004ei, 15-r004si, 15-r005ei, 15-r005la, 15-r005si, 15-r005tu, 15-r006eo, 15-r006la, 15-r006nl, 15-r009ns, 15-r010ei, 15-r010si, 15-r010sw, 15-r013ei, 15-r014si, 15-r016ns, 15-r016tu, 15-r017nl, 15-r018ns, 15-r019ns, 15-r021ng, 15-r022ns, 15-r024ns, 15-r025la, 15-r030wm, 15-r031si, 15-r032na, 15-r040nf, 15-r043sr, 15-r047sr, 15-r049nf, 15-r052nd, 15-r053nf, 15-r059no, 15-r061no, 15-r062no, 15-r063nd, 15-r063no, 15-r067no, 15-r078nf, 15-r081nr, 15-r082nr, 15-r085nd, 15-r101na, 15-r102na, 15-r102ng, 15-r102nl, 15-r102no, 15-r102ns, 15-r103nl, 15-r103ns, 15-r104nf, 15-r104no, 15-r108nl, 15-r110na, 15-r111na, 15-r112na, 15-r125na, 15-r127nf, 15-r181nr , HP EliteBook 745 G3, 840 G3 , HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 , HP ENVY x360 m6-aq105dx , HP Pavilion 11-2110nr, 11-n011la

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