Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T Digital DVB-T USB Stick

Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T Digital DVB-T USB Stick
Watch and Record Digital Freeview TV on your PC

Product overview

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Watch Free-to-View digital TV (terrestrial) on your PC or laptop, in a window or full screen.

  • Digital TV offers sharper pictures and clearer sound.
  • Record digital TV programmes to disk in an MPEG-2 format. Play them back on your PC screen, or record to CD/DVD!
  • Listen to digital stereo radio.
  • USB 2.0 Plug & Play for easy installation on laptop and desktop PCs. No external power needed!
  • Full support for Microsoft Media Center


  • Live Free-to-View Digital TV on your on your laptop or desktop PC screen - in a resizeable window or full screen. Free-to-View digital TV does not require a PayTV subscription.
  • Listen to Digital stereo radio on your PC or laptop.
  • Record your digital TV shows to your PC's hard disk using high quality MPEG-2 compression. Play them back on your PC screen or burn them onto CD or DVD (DVD/CD burners not included).

Watch Free-to-View digital TV and digital radio stations* directly on your laptop or desktop PC! WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick is a Plug & Play USB device which brings digital terrestrial broadcasts (TV and radio) to your PC. Digital reception provides sharper TV pictures and near CD quality audio. And Free-to-View digital TV does not require a PayTV subscription!

WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick turns your PC monitor into a high quality digital TV receiver. You can watch digital TV broadcasts in a window on your PC screen, or watch TV full screen. Record your digital TV shows to disk, and play them back at any time. You can also listen to digital radio in stereo*.

Note: WinTV-NOVA does not support DAB radio.

Add Digital TV to your Media Center PC or notebook. If you have a Media Center PC or notebook with or without a built-in TV tuner, simply plug the WinTV-Nova-T-Stick, install the MCE drivers from the supplied CD, and you will be watching digital TV with Media Center 's MyTV button in no time! Note: Media Center Decoder not supplied.

WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick is simple to connect to your PC or laptop. Just plug it into your PC's USB 2.0 port, connect a digital TV aerial, install the WinTV applications and you're ready to watch and record high quality digital TV!

Why Digital TV? Digital Television is the TV of the future. Building on your existing five channels, digital television offers many extra free channels including BBC Choice, ITV2, BBC Knowledge and BBC News 24, with others on the way.

Digital terrestrial television (DTT) is a robust, all-digital system, unlike the current analogue PAL TV system. For the first time, studio quality television can be viewed on your desktop.

WinTV-NOVA, your Personal Digital VCR: WinTV-NOVA can record your digital TV programs to disk. And with WinTV Scheduler, you can schedule your TV recordings. Recorded programmes take approximately 1.2GB of hard disk space per hour.

You can also burn your TV recordings onto a CD or DVD-ROM. A CD-ROM will hold about 30 minutes of digital TV, while a recordable DVD will store about 2 1/2 hours of digital TV. Note: Dvd/CD authering software not included.

Note: Recommend a rooftop aerial to receive full reception

System Requirements

  • Minimum processor 1.2 GHz Intel® or equivalent.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit) or Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Graphics with 64 MB of memory (minimum).
  • Sound card or on board sound.
  • USB 2.0 port (will not work with USB 1.1).
  • CD-ROM drive (for Software installation).

Included in the box
* WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick USB2 adapter, with highly sensitivity DVB-T tuner.
* Software on CD-ROM.
* Quick Installation Guide.

The WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick does not support DAB radio
For Digital Terrestrial reception, a high gain aerial is recommended

What's in the box

  • Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T-Stick
  • TV aerial



Product Description
Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T-Stick - digital TV tuner - USB 2.0
Device Type
Digital TV tuner - DVB-T
Interface Type
USB 2.0
Video Input
USB 2.0
Digital Video Format
Time shift function
OS Required
Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bits)
Microsoft Certification
Certified for Windows Vista

Detailed Specification


Device Type
Digital TV tuner - DVB-T
Interface Type
USB 2.0


TV tuner
Interface Type
USB 2.0
Digital Video Format
Time shift function

Audio Input

Digital radio tuner

Expansion / Connectivity

1 x TV antenna
1 x USB 2.0 - 4 pin USB Type A


Included Accessories
TV aerial
Certified for Windows Vista
Certified for Windows Vista software and devices have undergone compatibility tests for ease-of-use, better performance and enhanced security.

Software / System Requirements

OS Required
Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bits)

Customer reviews

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5* Amasing TV!
Reviewed by James Preston on 31/10/2007
Among the cheapest DVB-T tuners available but don’t let that throw you, the WinTV interface (viewer) is easy to use and the picture quality is fine on a AMD 1.6Ghrz Single Core Processor.
Only thing it misses is a Remote Control but at this cost I wasn’t expecting one!
Over all 10/10!
5* Rather Good I Say!
Reviewed by Chris Frenzel on 14/06/2007
Expected it to be not that good, but after upgrading one of my workstations to vista, and having to change the audio card, get a new graphics card I found the TV card still did not work so a new one of them was required – what to get? (Apart from a new PC in the first place) Well this was cheap so I went for one. And it’s pretty good but as all digital receivers “You Must Have A Good Signal” and the latest drivers! The app that drives it is the same as for all the Hauppauge cards so if you don’t like it you won’t like anything from them and I agree it has some shortfalls but it’s good enough for me. So the idea that you can stick it in your pocket and go any ware with it – well if there is no signal then it’s just a lump of plastic.
5* Good Bit Of Kit
Reviewed by Richard on 28/07/2007
I bought this item today and it works well. The only thing I would advise people not to do is download the drivers form the web site if you are using Windows XP. The drivers on the web site do not let you allow to scan for any channels rendering the device useless. Stick to the CD that comes with the tuner. Version 3.3B works like a dream and I reinstalled it for problem free viewing.
5* Quality!
Reviewed by Liane Sayers on 08/06/2006
Great product works flawlessly. My whole family have bought one to watch the world cup on, very neat design. Not sure what Gerard means, the nova-T doesn't have an analogue tuner. I think he's getting confused with something else :) Highly recommend.
4* Excellent and easy to use
Reviewed by Wayne on 20/11/2007
Great product thats well easy to use!! The only downfall is the lack of signal but it is in my bedroom and I'll be getting an extender for the antenna so that should be improved. Would recommend if you are looking for a decent priced Digital viewer.
4* Win TV-Nova-T-Digital Stick
Reviewed by David Poolman on 29/11/2006
After trying to get it going for two days found out it is not shipped with the upto date software and drivers so my advice is to get the latest drivers from Hauppauge site. The service from BT was excellent but once you have the product working, it is well worth the price. Remember a product is only as good as the Drivers that are supplied
4* Quite Impressed
Reviewed by Peter Parsnip on 01/06/2006
The box comes with a manual with sufficient details on installation - which was straight forward as you plug it in and use the CD drivers and you're done! The antenna that's supplied is very good for its small size... but only if you have good enough reception. Half my channels don't have any reception or they stutter like hell.

The software is not impressive. When you switch channels it has a delay and the interface is quite uncomfortable to use. However it does its job quite well.
3* A bit hit or miss...
Reviewed by Marcus on 27/04/2007
The actual product is great, its small and portable and the picture and sound quality is good. However the software is terrible. It is really sluggish changing channels and not remotely user friendly or good looking. Also i find some days just opening the wintv 2000 program crashes my whole computer and other days it works fine (with no discernable correlation). If you could find other software compatable with the stick i would highly recomend it.
3* Not bad
Reviewed by grecian on 07/07/2006
The most important thing about this is to make sure you're in a decent reception area - should work very well with most roof-top aerials, and provided you're in a very good reception area will work with the supplied mini-aerial. Took this camping with us to Cornwall and got no signal whatsoever, also tried with a portable powered aerial which didn't do anything either.

Installation very simple, the interface isn't bad - a bit clunky but it works. Picture quality is good if you've got good reception, else suffers from stutters (to the point of unwatchability often).

Aerial supplied has a magnetic base, which seems to help reception if you clamp it to something metal.
2* Not Impressed at all!
Reviewed by Bill on 15/09/2008
I'd have to say that this is the single most dissapointing piece of technology I've ever purchased. The printed material that comes out of the box is all in Sweedish. The small portable aerial supplied could not pick up a single channel in my area (and I have other freeview equipment working fine off 'indoor' aerials), so if you want to use this at differnt loactions that don't have a proper roof or loft feed, you will need to invest in an amplified portable aerial. Finally the user interface is confusing and not very friendly. Why can't the available channels be displayed and selected without having to go through several stages of menus to get to them?

The Pinnacle options have to be better than this!

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