Griffin Survivor for iPad Mini

Griffin Survivor for iPad Mini

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-Shatter-resistant polycarbonate construction
With a rigid internal frame and silicone cladding reliably protects your device from impacts and shock, as well as vibration and other environmental factors.

-Built-in display shield
Along with sealed, hinged plugs helps guard your device's touch screen, dock connector, headphone output, hold switch, camera and volume controls against wind and rain damage, dust and debris.

-Multiposition workstand
Enables comfortable positioning and use.

Customer reviews

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5* Very Happy
Reviewed by Al Cooper on 30/01/2014
Some hesitation as this item is 30% cheaper than on the manufacturers site & items on a major online retailer at this price were obvious fakes! This one isn't (this is obvious from package graphics etc). The instruction sheet fitting instructions left a little to be desired but it was easy enough to figure out and once on it looks and feels very good. The stand is perhaps not as adjustable as some but then again I'd rather have this degree of protection than a "fancy" stand. Overall, an excellent product which I'd recommend to anyone.
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