Gigabyte IF233 Miditower USB 3.0 Midi-Tower Case

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Gigabyte IF233 Miditower USB 3.0 Midi-Tower Case

  • Modern appearance mesh style for maximum air ventilation
  • Easy installation of HDD tool-free sliding rail design.
  • USB 3.0 x 1; USB 2.0 x 1 + Audio (AC97 + HD Audio) on the top cover.
  • Removable side panel with grips for easy removal and maintenance
  • Side panel design leaves more space for smarter cable management
  • PSU located at bottom lowers the centre of case height
  • Vented to bottom with mesh filter to exhaust hot air out
  • Clip rail design for HDD
  • 1 x 120mm rear Black fan | 1 x 120mm Black Fan to Front
  • Vented side panel can fix 2 x 14cm fans additionally
  • Tool-free assembly for DVD and HDD drives
  • Water cool ready with two rear holes.
  • Power + Reset Yes
  • Mainboard Size 12" x 9.6" standard ATX | 9.6" x 9.6" Micro ATX
  • Dimensions W 185 x H 408 x D 445mm
  • Material ABS Plastic front panel. With SGCC metal interior Black Finish
  • Side Panel TAC 2.0
  • Drive Bays 5.25" *3, 3.5" * 5internal


  • Audio Output: Y- HD Audio Ready
  • I/O Ports: USB 3.0 x 1 | USB 2.0 x 1
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 7000g
  • Form Factor: ATX / Micro ATX
  • Supported Motherboard Form Factor: ATX / Micro ATX
  • Type: PC
  • Material: 0.5mm SGCC Metal
  • Ventilation Fans: 1 x 120mm Rear Fan | 1 x 120mm Front Fan
  • External Drive bays: 3 x 5.25
  • Internal Drive bays : 5 x 3.5 HDD

Customer reviews

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4* Review
Reviewed by Dan on 10/06/2013
Ok, I bought this case cuz i wanted something cheap and the fact there wasnt a single review on the net for this case. I am here to rectify this. The case shell is quality. The fans that come with the case require a 3pin mobo connector and are not molex powered so bare that in mind. Installation is easy and the screwless/tooless case works well. Getting the front cover off is tough and u may need to use a knife or flathead screwdriver to release the cover. The main fault and why i give this case one less star is the badly designed down facing PSU holder. It has 3 tabs that raise the PSU in the air to reduce PSU vibrations. These are not needed. Remove them. Or you will destroy your PSU fan as these tabs press against the PSU grill which pushes up into the fan blades rubbing against the PSU fan and making one hell of a din. My advice is remove the feet and have the psu facing upwards. But if you think downwards facing PSU you will have to peel off the tabs.
4* Good Case - A few niggles
Reviewed by Anonymous on 23/08/2013
The case is attractive, well built and sturdy. Assembly of the system was mostly trouble - free. However cable management was made difficult due to the holes on the mobo tray and space in the side panel being somewhat small - the cables were a bit of a squeeze to fit in the case neatly. Plenty of fan mountings ensure good airflow throughout the case - stock clocked components are kept nice and cool. Check the depth of any fans you plan to fit as the bottom side mounting is very close to the PSU. Fans placed on this mount can clash with the PSU, making the side panel extremely difficult ,or impossible, to refit. Overall the case offers great value for money, with some nice features usually expected of pricier cases like front USB3. The case would receive 5 stars if not for the slight niggles I encountered during installation.
4* Gigabyte IF233 Miditower USB 3.0 Midi-Tower Case
Reviewed by John Broome on 26/09/2013
As with the other reviews the case is good and has plenty of room inside. Just one thing is the dimensions of the case, it seems to me that they are just the size of the metal case and don't take into account the feet and plastic front. I measured it a got W185 X H425 X D470.
4* Better than expectations for the price
Reviewed by Paul M on 20/12/2012
As a total newbie to self building, I found this case to be really easy to use. The included fans are quiet, there's a lot of space.

It has a dedicated mount on the bottom for a 2.5" SSD (without using the 3.5" bays and an adaptor, which I'd expected to need to do). Very very happy with this case for the price - I'm sure better cases have nicer cable management, but from first impressions this runs cool and quiet, and the USB3 front panel is a real bonus at this price point.
3* Incorrect Dimensions
Reviewed by Robert on 18/11/2012
Very nice case and good value but the quoted dimensions are incorrect which meant it wouldn't fit where I planned to locate it. It is 490mm deep and 435mm high give or take a millimeter or two.
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