Gigabyte GZ-G3 Plus Gaming Case with 2 Front Fans

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GZ-G/ GZ-G Plus series, the new line-up of GIGABYTE's gaming chassis, features a rugged and gaming appearance which sets GZ-G/ GZ-G Plus series apart from its peers. Besides the two 12cm cooling fan at the front, an extra 12cm fan and USB 3.0 port at the top(GZ-G plus) enhance the thermal solution and bring more convenience to gamers.

  • GZ-G3 Plus with 2 x 120mm front Cooling fans
  • 1 x 120mm Top cooling fan to disspate hot air more efficiently
  • Tray design to top of case to hold smart phones and digital equipment
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports at top for easy access
  • Control on/off button for fans on front of case
  • Multi media panel located at the front middle for easy access with reset button
  • Tool-less installation for 5.25 / 3.5 Devices
  • 80mm rear exhaust fan
  • Water cooling holes for future upgradability for liquid cooling
  • Convex side panel at the back of motherboard for hiding extra cables
  • Power supply positioned at bottom
  • Ventilation holes and dust filter for PSU
  • Black coated interior
  • Space for 2 x 120mm fans on the side panel
  • Pedestal foots provide stability and protect floor from scratches
  • Dimensions W 185 X H 420 x D 445mm

Customer reviews

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5* A Big Yes!
Reviewed by Steve on 26/03/2013
Built a lovely music and gaming machine with this case, the case has loads of space to work with, a great design with the fans at the front and fan control for good airflow, i defiantly recommend this case to anyone, A Big Yes from me.
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