Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 980MHz 2GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI Overclock

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  • Boost clock OC to 1058MHz
  • Up to 4 Displays on a single GPU
  • GIGABYTE WINDFORCE™ 3X cooling design (with "Triangle Cool" technology)
  • 10% Performance better than GeForce GTX 670
  • 50% Performance better than GeForce GTX 580
  • 60% Performance better than GeForce GTX 570
  • 9% Performance better than Radeon HD 7970
  • 30% Performance better than Radeon HD 7950
  • CUDA Core: 1344 / TSMC 28nm Process GPU
  • Memory Amount: 2048MB
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.2 support
  • NVIDIA® PhysX® technology / 3D Vision®-Ready
  • Features Dual-link DVI-I / DVI-D / DisplayPort / HDMI
  • 550 Watt or greater power supply recommended


  • Model name GV-N670OC-2GD
  • Core Clock (MHz) Base: 980MHz Boost: 1058MHz
  • Stream Processor 1344
  • Mem Clock (MHz) 6008MHz
  • Mem Size 2048MB
  • Mem Bus (bit) 256 bit
  • Mem Type 64Mx32 GDDR5
  • I/O Dual link DVI-I / DV-D HDMI x1 Displayport
  • DirectX OpenGL DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.2
  • Card Interface PCI Express 3.0
  • Board Form ATX 2 slot
  • Accessory Power cable x2
  • Fan/Heat Sink WINDFORCE 3X with "Trangle Cool"
  • System PSU Limitation 550W
  • Card Size H=43,L=285, W=136.6 mm



Graphics Processor Manufacturer
Graphics Processor
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
PCI Express 3.0 x16
Memory Size
2 GB
Digital Output
Digital Visual Interface (DVI), DisplayPort, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
Core Clock
915 MHz

Customer reviews

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5* Brilliant
Reviewed by John G on 15/08/2012
I upgraded to this card from a hot & noisy reference ASUS 470, and by God, what a difference! This thing is absolutely amazing! Runs cool and quiet, 3hrs of Battlefield 3 on Ultra settings toook it to a mere 55'C where my ASUS used to hit 90s. Also I can now play BF3 on Ultra at ~55FPS average whereas the 470 gave me that on Medium settings.

I was initially going to buy the EVGA 680 Signature 2 but the £100 difference is not worth the few FPSs. I'd recommend this card to anyone!
5* Incredible Graphics Card!
Reviewed by Niki on 06/07/2012
Out of the box this is an impressive card. It's surprisingly thin and light, but very long, so check the dimensions of your case! This only just fitted in mine.
It ran at about 34 degrees on idle, getting up above 50 under load, but I used MSI Afterburner to create my own fan profile that was a little more aggressive. It idles at about 27 degrees and that is with a fan speed of 27%. Which is very impressive indeed. Most games it barely gets above 40 degrees. I haven't yet found a game that it can't manage at good playing speed at max graphics settings. The fans are nice and quiet up to about 45% when they start to get audible, but that really isn't noticeable if you wear headphones when you game. During idle times, the card is essentially silent. Brilliant card. Very highly recommended.
5* Blistering Performance
Reviewed by Stephen on 12/04/2013
Picked one of the used models - very pleased, particularly at saving £50.

This was to replace a 6970 IceQ Turbo 920 Mhz 3GB, which to be fair, prob didnt need replaced - but I was replacing every other component in my rig and felt it was only right that it got swapped out. My 3D Mark 2011 jumped from around 6,100 to 9,039 which I was very surprised at. OC'ing potential is huge, although I havent touched that at all yet. Runs cool, and the fans are silent. Performance is only a fraction behind a 680 but at a far less cost. Just be conscious over the size of the car as its a full sized PCB where some of the other 670's are not. Intention is to SLI these at some point.

Very pleased.
5* Fantastic Card !!
Reviewed by Macwhoelse on 30/05/2012
Best card I've ever had, and I've had hundreds since my first Voodoo 3dfx 4mb add on accelerator. Not just because it's the fastest, which it of course is. This card is really really quiet which is a must for me. Something so powerful isn't allowed to be this quiet !! lol. The card eats all games I throw at it @ 1920x1200 res with 16xAA + 16AF. This is like the leap that we got when going from GTX 9800's to GTX 260's. All the new thermal features work great, the card runs really cool. The boost clock is amazing, depending on the game. If I put a demanding game on, this card automatically boosts to 1276 on the core !! I have clocked the memory manually up to 6900 & it still seemed like more headroom was available. This truly is the best card I have ever bought & I'm more than happy with my purchase. Why spend the extra on a noisier 680 when this card will run as fast or faster & quieter & cheaper !!
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