Fujitsu AH512 Intel Pentium B960 4GB 500GB HDMI Window8 15.6" Laptop

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The new AH512 is here and it takes all the amazing features from the AH531 and the older AhH530 bestsellers and again offers a new twist on style with a cool and professional matt finish,. Not only that but this newer Ah512 also allows for 6/7 Hours of battery life (Dependant on usage) so you can stay on the go for longer!!!


Now running on the even faster Intel Pentium Sandybridge B960 2.2GHz dual core processor and 4GB memory (8GB Max) to create stunning power and ultra sharp performance right out of the box. This laptop can easily handle your everyday computing needs which include: surfing the web, email and general applications, while also being able to handle a few more power hungry applications like Photoshop or video editing.


This laptop offers a massive 500GB Hard Drive. Large enough to store a vast array of your files including movies, documents, photos & Music! Chatting to friends and family is a breeze with the 1.3MP built in webcam is a great way to communicate and listen with clarity via the 2X Speakers (support HD Audio).


Watching movies and videos is only going to be enhanced with a 15.6" LED Backlit TFT which offers stunning true colour images and brings movies to life. Connect to your HD TV via the HDMI connection and play blockbuster movies on the DVD Super Multi Drive/recorder.

Surf the internet via the in-built wireless, then upload images via the USB connections or connect via Bluetooth, everything is possible with a class leading Fujitsu!


The express card slot is one of the reasons Fujitsu are simply head and shoulders above the competition. This allows you to upgrade your connections with the purchase of an express card. So say you want a fire wire connection or USB3, then all you need to do is to purchase an express card with the connection you want and this slots into the express slot. The cards can be flush mount meaning you can leave them in and you do not have to take them out.

The best bit however is that say USB3 gets replaced, well on another laptop you would have a problem, not with Fujitsu you just wait for the new connection express card to be released and swap them out. Now that is what I call future proofing


Screen: 15.6" TFT LED Backlit (1366 x768 HD) 16:9 Widescreen

Processor: Intel Pentium Sandybridge B960/ 2.2 GHz

Memory: 4 GB / 8 GB (max) - DDR3 - 1600 MHz - PC3-12800 - SO DIMM - (2 slots - 1 x 4GB Installed )

Hard Drive: 500 GB

Optical: DVD Super-Multi

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics

Sound: 2 x built in speakers(Supports High Def Audio)

Internet: YES. Wireless and wired (Up to N Standard )

Features: 1.3 MP Webcam, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, VGA

Battery: Up To 6/7 Hoursdepending on usage

OS: Windows 8

Warranty: 1 Year - Manufacturer collect and return

Customer reviews

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5* blah
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/12/2012
5* A Great Little Performer
Reviewed by DB on 24/07/2013
It's a great little performer! The 4GB RAM comes on a single board so this can become an 8GB unit very quickly. I bought mine for close to the £260 mark and feel that this was great value for money.

Windows 8 seems quick, if not to everyone’s liking. The laptop easily handles Microsoft Office, Norton 360 and much more besides. The keyboard feels good to use. Graphics are bright and crisp. With a bit of tweaking the system quickly becomes more to your personal taste.

I found some useful instructions of how to add a shortcut on the start screen and the desktop to shut down the system in one click. I haven’t felt the need for a Start button after sorting things out.

It was very quick to set the computer up for the internet and it was a breeze to install printers and all the software I needed. Having set it up for my daughter and played with it a bit – just to test it, of course – I definitely have PC envy compared to my ageing desktop PC and my 2 year old Samsung laptop with Windows 7.
5* Fantastic
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/11/2013
fantastic value for money!
4* ok for the money
Reviewed by malcolm on 23/11/2013
Quite a chunky machine but ok for the money. just a shame it comes with win8.
4* Fujitsu AH512 Intel Pentium B960 4GB/500GB HDMI Win8 Laptop
Reviewed by Quickbrew on 11/07/2013
This laptop is amazing value.
I fitted an extra 4 Gig to give it 8 Gig ram.

OK the specification isn't going to blow anyone away but for less £250.00 just what do you want. I am very pleased with this Fujitsu laptop and if I had to make any negative comments at all it would be that the battery life use is not that good being only a couple of hours before a recharge is needed, but honestly for the price I cannot fault it at all.

The Windows Experience score with 8 Gig ram is 4.9 which I feel is very respectable for a budget laptop. To be honest I think Win 7 was a much better OS than Windows 8 and I don't like Microsoft's new Win 8 app store but that is not the laptop's fault and hopefully the Win 8.1 update will improve things when it is released Autumn 2013.

Had it for 6 months now and I work it hard as it has replaced my desktop which took up too much room. There are slight signs of wear on the popular keys but still well legible. 5* purchase. Win 8 loses it the one star.
3* OK except for Windows 8
Reviewed by Peter on 20/01/2013
Nice hardware, looks good, bright clear screen, good spec for the money.

The problem is Windows 8 which is a tablet/ smartphone OS with a substandard windows interface stuck on as an afterthought. IMHO Windows 8 is not fit for purpose as a modern PC OS.

Before buying a Windows 8 PC/laptop I suggest you read the reviews and try out a Windows 8 machine for yourself as it's very different from what went before.
3* Overheats, battery failed quickly
Reviewed by Cford on 21/08/2013
Laptop was generally OK but it gets very hot, vents are badly placed, so when using on the lap it overheats.
The battery only lasted just over a year and now needs replacing.
2* Wish I had bought something else
Reviewed by paul on 16/08/2013
Wish i'd bought something with windows 7 on instead, windows 8 is an awful os. also the wireless connections keeps dropping out on this laptop + I have to keep resetting the wireless adapter. not very good.
1* Slow and unpredictable mouse
Reviewed by Anonymous on 11/03/2013
Slow to open up programs and browse the web.
Windows 8 is a complete nightmare to navigate and mouse does its best to hinder your computing experience too.
1* What a load of rubbish
Reviewed by John Voss on 23/01/2013
Having recieved this unit within 3days problems were encountered. Programs was lost as well as a complete breakdown of the W8 system only to find most of the programs included in the package were lost. A complete waste of money!
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