Durable 5798 Screenclean Pro Kit

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Clean and protect all screens including laptop, palm, PDA, plasma and touch screens. A protective film applies to the surface, dramatically reducing static charge and protecting the screen. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.



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DURABLE Screenclean

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5* Top Product!
Reviewed by DC on 12/09/2007
I thought my screen was scratched after cleaning it with another product, but it turns out it was just smeared! This cleaner leaves no smears and my screen is now back to it's original condition.
5* Very impressed
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/08/2008
I thought my existing monitor was dead due to scratch/scuff marks. I was searching BT for a new monitor when I came across this stuff. One go with this cleaner and cloth set and it looks like new, in fact the finish looks better than it was from new. Very impressed.
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