Durable 5787 Screen Cleaning Wipes - Pack of 50

Durable 5787 Screen Cleaning Wipes - Pack of 50

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A range of environmentally friendly products that safely clean monitor screens, screen filters, laptop screens and PDAs without smearing. This range is also ideal for cleaning glass surfaces on photocopiers and scanners. Individually packed moist, low lint cleaning wipes. It provides an environmentally friendly solution to help keep your workstation free of dust and dirt.



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5* Great item
Reviewed by Jim on 29/05/2008
Excellent screen wipes and they don't smear. I use them on my flat panel monitor, the old CRT TV and also on the contacts for my wireless mouse. Fantastic.

Only donwside is that the last box I bought 10 months ago (Aug'07) only cost me £3.99 now they're £6.79, that's 8p per wipe up to a whopping 14p per wipe.

But as said, very good wipes - the best I've used so far.
4* Great product, but abit pricy.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/03/2007
These work well, there are two stages to a packet one wet cloth one dry. Where they lose points is the fact that they are way cheaper in Wilko (wilkinsons) so get them from there
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