DJI Phantom 4 Advanced 4K 60fps 20MP Camera Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced 4K 60fps...


DJI Phantom 4 Advanced 4K 60fps 20MP Camera Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced 4K 60fps 20MP Camera Quadcopter Drone

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Phantom 4 ADVANCED

The onboard camera is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor. A mechanical shutter is used to eliminate rolling shutter distortion, which can occur when taking images of fast-moving subjects or when flying at high speeds. In effect, it is as powerful as many professional cameras. More powerful video processing supports H.264 4K videos at 60 fps or H.265 4K at 30 fps, both with a 100Mbps bitrate. Excellent optical performance, sensors, and processors ensure everything is captured with high dynamic range and more image detail needed for advanced post-production.

The Phantom 4 Advanced's camera system improves upon everything that made the original Phantom 4 so iconic. Every aspect has been significantly upgraded, including the sensor size, resolution, and image processing system, making it the most powerful Phantom to date. Users can also adjust aperture from f2.8-11 for more versatile imaging.

Sensor size is more important to image quality than the number of pixels because a larger sensor captures more information in every pixel, improving dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio, and low light performance. The 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor in the Phantom 4 Advanced is almost four times the size of the Phantom 4's 1/2.3in sensor. It uses larger pixels and has a maximum ISO of 12800 as well as increased contrast. It is good enough for images to be used immediately, while also capturing enough detail for advanced post-processing.

Professional 4K Video
An enhanced video processing system allows video to be captured in cinema and production optimized DCI 4K/60 (4096 x 2160/60 fps) at a bitrate of 100 Mbps, enabling you to get high-resolution slow motion shots. The Phantom 4 Advanced also supports the H.265 video codec (maximum resolution 4096X2160/30 fps). For a given bitrate, H.265 doubles the amount of image processing as H.264, resulting in significantly enhanced image quality. Recording in high dynamic range D-log makes the most of image data for color grading.

5 Vision Sensors
Equipped with DJI’s FlightAutonomy system made up of five vision sensors, dual-band satellite positioning (GPS and GLONASS), ultrasonic rangefinders, and redundant sensors, the Phantom 4 Advanced can hover precisely in places without GPS and navigate complex environments. The dual forward vision sensors can see as far as 30 m out in front, enable auto brake, and hover or detour in front of obstacles within a 15-meter range.


Weight (Battery & Propellers Included) - 1368 g
Diagonal Size (Propellers Excluded) - 350 mm

Max Ascent Speed:
S-mode: 6 m/s
P-mode:5 m/s

Max Descent Speed:
S-mode:4 m/s
P-mode:3 m/s

Max Speed:
S-mode: 45 mph (72 kph)
A-mode: 36 mph (58 kph)
P-mode: 31 mph (50 kph)

Max Tilt Angle:
S-mode: 42°
A-mode: 35°
P-mode: 25°

Max Angular Speed:
S-mode: 250°/s
A-mode: 150°/s

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level - 19685 feet (6000 m)
Max Wind Speed Resistance - 10 m/s
Max Flight Time - Approx. 30 minutes
Operating Temperature Range - 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Satellite Positioning Systems - GPS/GLONASS

Hover Accuracy Range:
±0.1 m (with Vision Positioning)
±0.5 m (with GPS Positioning)
±0.3 m (with Vision Positioning)
±1.5 m (with GPS Positioning)

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