Crucial 512MB 184Pin DIMM PC2700 DDR RAM Non-Parity CL2.5

Crucial 512MB 184Pin DIMM PC2700 DDR RAM Non-Parity CL2.5

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Help your desktop perform at its best. Designed to help your desktop run faster and smoother, a Crucial memory upgrade is one of fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to improve your system's performance. Crucial memory empowers your desktop to achieve faster application loading times, faster system responsiveness, and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. What does this mean? Spend less time staring at loading screens and more time getting stuff done. Crucial desktop modules are rigorously tested at both the component and module levels to ensure that your memory meets the stringent compatibility and performance standards. Every module manufactured is inspected by the Systems Compatibility Group before it leaves the doors. At a fraction of the price of your desktop, an investment in Crucial memory helps your system get up to speed.



Product Description
Crucial - DDR - 512 MB - DIMM 184-PIN
Product Type
RAM memory
512 MB
Memory Type
Upgrade Type
Data Integrity Check
333 MHz (PC2700)
Latency Timings
2.5 V
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number
HP DK233-69001, IBM 31P9122, HP 313885-292, HP 257526-001, HP 266270-B21, HP DC165A, Toshiba PVME512E, Acer KN.A080A.002, DELL 311-1325, DELL 311-1714, DELL 311-2076, Gateway 5000667, Sony PCVA-MM512E, Acer ME.DT3PD.512, DELL 311-1848, DELL A0136892, DELL A0388037, HP 314796-001, HP DC340X, HP HP01-04RAM01, HP HP01-05RAM01, HP 175925-001, HP 285650-001, HP 416027-001, Kingston D6464C250, HP DK233A, Kingston KFJ-CEL266/512, Kingston KFJ2813/512, Kingston KTA-G4333/512, Kingston KTC-D320/512, Kingston KTC-PR266/512, Kingston KTD4400/512, Kingston KTH5300/512, Kingston KTM8854/512, Kingston KVR266X64C2/512, Kingston KVR266X64C25/512, Kingston KVR333X64C25/512, Crucial MT16VDDT6464AY-335K1, Fujitsu S26361-F2561-E114, Fujitsu S26361-F2561-E454, Fujitsu S26361-F2561-L4, Fujitsu S26361-F2561-L454, Fujitsu S26361-F2813-E221, Fujitsu S26361-F2813-L221, HP 282435-B21, Apple M8833G/A, Fujitsu S26361-F2813-E120, Fujitsu S26361-F2813-L120, IBM 31P8856, HP DC340A, Kingston KTA-G4266/512, Kingston KTD4550/512
Manufacturer Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty
Designed For
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G

Customer reviews

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5* Memory upgrade
Reviewed by Anonymous on 24/02/2005
Thought I'd write a quick review if you can for memory as there's not much to say, took a day and a half to deliver, packaged well, was upgrading from 512 to a gig so went for another 512 as I heard matching pairs work better. runs sweet what else can I say.
5* Memory upgrade
Reviewed by on 24/09/2005
Exellent, no problems installing for anybody with evan limited computer knowledge, couldnt have asked for anything better
5* Excellent value
Reviewed by on 22/11/2004
Installed and running. 100%. No errors or any problems. Seems well made and was just what my computer wanted for Christmas! :-)))
5* review
Reviewed by on 26/04/2005
A quick review, ordered it and came within two days so was pretty sweet but had a little problem installing mainly down to my computer but other than that runs smoothly and great value for money a bargain.
5* No Problems!
Reviewed by Sarah on 31/07/2006
I ordered this on friday 28th July before 3pm and got it on saturday 29h July at around 10:30 very pleased with delivery even though £4.50 seems a little expensive!

Plugged it straight in and it worked fine straight away. I've had it in my computer since the 29th and I've had no problems so far. I paid £35.54 all together which is not bad!
5* No Problems
Reviewed by James on 16/02/2007
Good quality component, no problems with it so far. Shipping was slightly expensive and came in a massive box.
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