Crucial 512MB 168Pin DIMM PC133 SDRAM Non-Parity CL3

Crucial 512MB 168Pin DIMM PC133 SDRAM Non-Parity CL3

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A memory upgrade is typically the easiest and least expensive way to boost your computer's performance. While any time is good to add more memory, there are some scenarios in which adding a memory upgrade makes great sense and can dramatically improve your computer's performance:

You've upgraded your operating system (OS).

You've installed memory-intensive software like photo-editing or a 3-D video game.

You work with large files or with three or more programmes at a time.

You've added hardware, such as a new processor or a video card.

You've purchased a new computer that came with too little system memory.

Backed by 25 years of Micron experience and the expertise of Micron's global team of engineers, Crucial is well-established as the memory industry expert. As a division of Micron, one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions, Crucial actually makes the memory they sell, right down to the chips. Other memory sellers might claim to be manufacturers, but the truth is they only assemble the modules from components they purchase from the real chip manufacturers. In fact, Crucial is the only consumer memory upgrade supplier that is part of a major DRAM manufacturer. Crucial has served nearly 3 million consumers just like you looking to get the best possible performance from their computers.

Crucial has a long history of building successful partnerships with all the major computer manufacturers. They even work directly with system and motherboard manufacturers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

The world's major computer manufacturers look to Micron as a trusted source for memory for original installation in their systems. They know that Micron's quality and expertise far exceed industry standards. Crucial brings this same level of quality and customer service to you.



Product Description
Crucial - SDRAM - 512 MB - DIMM 168-PIN
Product Type
RAM memory
512 MB
Memory Type
Upgrade Type
Data Integrity Check
133 MHz (PC133)
Latency Timings
3.3 V
Lead Plating
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number
IBM 10K0061, HP P5090A, Gateway 5000634, DELL 311-7007, HP 259039-B21, IBM 33L3077, IBM 33L3078, IBM 10K0062, NEC PK-UG-M034, OKI 1080404, OKI 41437444, DELL A0735477, DELL A0735478, DELL A0735502, DELL A0735508, DELL A0743675, Kingston D6464A30, Kingston KGW3400/512, Kingston KTA-G4/512, Kingston KTA-IMAC100/512, Kingston KTD-DM133/512, Kingston KTM0055/512, Kingston KTM3071/512, Kingston KVR133X64C3/512, Crucial MT16LSDT6464AY-133D2, Kingston KTH-VL133/512, Kingston KTA-G4133/512, Kingston KTC-EN133/512
Manufacturer Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty
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