Corsair Hydro Series H50-1 CPU Water-Cooling Cooler (LGA1156 Compatible)

Corsair Hydro Series H50-1 CPU Water-Cooling Cooler (LGA1156 Compatible)

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The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy-to-install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.

Air-based CPU coolers simply aren't as efficient as water coolers, and can take up too much valuable space. The compact, closed-loop Hydro Series H50 takes your CPU's temperature to new lows and takes up less room doing it.



Product Description
CORSAIR Hydro Series H50 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - processor liquid cooling system
Product Type
Processor liquid cooling system
LGA775 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, Socket AM2, LGA1366 Socket, Socket AM3
Heatsink Material
Fan Diameter
120 mm
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years warranty



Product Type
Processor liquid cooling system

Heatsink & Fan

Compatible With
LGA775 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, Socket AM2, LGA1366 Socket, Socket AM3
Heatsink Material
Fan Diameter
120 mm

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 2 years


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Customer reviews

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5* best cooler ive ever bought
Reviewed by on 21/04/2010
cant beat this cooler at all. before my QX6700 temps were touching 55 - 80+C

now all 4 cores register under 40C

i love it!!
5* corsair h50
Reviewed by Anonymous on 16/04/2010
ive had this cooler for quite a while now ad i couldnt fault it very quiet and keeps my quad core cpu very cool even under extreme overclocking i would recomend this product to any body
5* Very Good CPU Cooler
Reviewed by Paul on 06/12/2010
I've used this on my self build PC for about a year now and its very stable with temps on my i7 920 averaging in the low 50's with games etc running.
very recommended.
5* Review
Reviewed by Richard on 11/08/2010
Its says easy to install which is debatable, took me over an hour to install mine. Technicly yes its easy to install but the instructions can be a little simple. Some little tips if you get this. Read instructions about 4 times before you start. Also it might be best you install the fan and radiator last as you will have to remove your motherboard and get into the back of it. There is an arrow on side of the fan showing the direction of airflow. And when it says only attach screws a half turn, then follow this exactly.

Right now my cpu is at 28 C on an AMD phantom 6 core as i write this. I have not over clocked anything.
5* Perfect Solution
Reviewed by Sam P on 08/09/2010
I was slightly sceptical when buying this due to it being water-cooling but I desperately needed decent cooling for my old cooler which has somehow broke its mounting clip, but I'm glad I went for it, it got my stock q6600 from 60c idle down to 20c

I'm now running my Q6600 at 3.15 (2.4 default) and its running at 35c which is amazing, as its so quiet.

as for the install, it wasn't too much of a problem for me as my case allows me access to the back of the motherboard where its needed so I don't have to take the motherboard out of the case
2* Not happy with this.
Reviewed by Sam Fleming on 02/05/2010
Instructions were basic and appeared to be missing steps. I figured when it said "easy to install" that it wouldn't involve taking apart the PC completely in order to access the back of the motherboard. I eventually got it installed (I am not new to hardware installation) after 3 hours and ran the computer. I'm getting CPU temperatures of 61C with nothing running with this, whereas with my previous cooler I used to get temperatures in the range of 47C, and 61C when doing something CPU intensive. This can't be right, surely?

Maybe I just have a dodgy one, but just be wary of this... my PC is a lot hotter with this than it was with my old cooler and I wouldn't be surprised if the processor would have ended up blowing within a few days! Needless to say, I have now switched back to my old one and returned to stable temperatures in the 40s.

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