Corsair Flash Voyager - USB flash drive - 8 GB - USB 2.0

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The Corsair Flash Voyager family of USB drives is rugged, stylish, compact, and reliable, making them ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and more. Flash Voyager drives are fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. Their durable rubber casing is easy to grip and water resistant.

The Flash Voyager product line is both enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing. Boasting water-resistant properties, these drives allow users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Several reviews of the Flash Voyager products have demonstrated the ruggedness, durability, and reliability of the Flash Voyager family. The Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, and even run over by a SUV in many third party reviews. After all the punishment it receives, the drive continues to work.



Product Description
Corsair Flash Voyager - USB flash drive - 8 GB
Product Type
USB flash drive
Interface Type
USB 2.0
Storage Capacity
8 GB
Software Included
Drivers & Utilities
OS Required
Apple MacOS X / MacOS 9, Linux 2.4 or later, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Manufacturer Warranty
10 years warranty



Product Type
USB flash drive
Storage Capacity
8 GB


Interface Type
USB 2.0


Compliant Standards
Plug and Play

Software / System Requirements

Software Included
Drivers & Utilities
OS Required
Apple MacOS X / MacOS 9, Linux 2.4 or later, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
10 years warranty

Customer reviews

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5* Very pleased
Reviewed by AV on 09/07/2007
Very fast, Nice piece of technology. Fits oodles of storage space into a very small footprint, the 10 year warranty from Corsair inspires lots of confidence, but still recovery of data from flash drives is difficult if they bust so I use the "add recovery" option on Winrar when I backup files to it. I was tempted to get the 16GB version, but even I don't need that much space. The neck strap (included) makes it much more difficult to lose the tiny (yet important) thing.
5* Best USB Flash Drive Around?
Reviewed by kryten on 12/05/2007
I've had loads of usb flash memory, from SanDisk Cruzers to Disgo's to Sony microvaults and many others. Generally they are all pretty poor and will let you down eventually. But these Corsairs do have...something! I've been using the 2GB one for about 10 weeks and been very happy with it, it's fast and feels nice. So I bought another 8GB one and been using it for a few days. So far though - Very Very Happy. I mean 8GB around your neck as a network/server admin is a good thing, right? I also carry an 80GB 2.5" hard disk in a usb enclosure and will be doing regular backups to that because your not going to want to lose 8GB of data when it croaks. This usb drive is plenty fast, plenty big and seriously handy, with street cred looks to boot, for £50 you can't really go wrong, I mean, thats what we were spending on a 512MB or 1GB flash not so long ago. Ordered on Tuesday afternoon and was using it on Thursday morning ***Well Done BT!!*** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
5* Good drives
Reviewed by JC on 02/01/2008
Bought two of these after reading various reviews. They're great for the price and much quicker write speeds than the BT values ones. It can write about 700Mb in under 2 minutes, which is twice as quick as a Pny 4Gb and much faster than the BT value one. Read speed for 700Mb is around 30 seconds. Overall very happy with it so far.
5* Amazin
Reviewed by Mathew on 05/02/2007
Got out the house this morning to find my voyager sitting on my doorstep, i remember dropping a few things on my way in but must have missed this little gem, after a wet a freezign cold night I am glad to say all my hardwork is still on there and ready for me to use! top marks for reliability
3* Just ok
Reviewed by retrodome on 17/01/2008
Quite pricey I feel, also not that good fit in front desktop usb ports - actually bought this and 16gb for my eee to load roms from but they won't fit together in the two usb slots due to thickness
3* Its OK but not very fast
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/08/2008
I have one of these Flash Voyager 8Gig USB drives

Formatted capacity is 7.5 Gig

Speeds are
Write - between 2 and 4 MB per second
(really slow for a USB2 device)
Write Speed 19MB per second
(about 1/3 if USB2 speed)

Works OK with XP

Works with Linux (Ubuntu) - but beware of formatting it in Windows - It can become invisible to Linux.

(this is fixable using a combination of Corsair Utility and Linux Gparted partition editor - I had to format the divice using the Corsair utility [available as an iso image from the internet {search google for Corsair Utility}] then set up a logical DOS partition using Gparted.

All a bit complicated for the average PC user - hence only rated 3.

Simple and easy to use with XP - can be a bit difficult with Linux.
2* More faulty hardware
Reviewed by Tony on 27/06/2008
Upgraded after years of flawless performance from 2GB voyager. Continuous problems with 'delayed write failed' and am now going to replace.
2* Mine broke too!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/02/2007
I forgot that had it plugged into a USB port on my laptop. I turned the laptop on its side and the jack snapped on the drive. It's still attached and the drive works - but for how long?
1* Corsair 8gb Memory Stick
Reviewed by Anonymous on 17/01/2007
Plugged it in, got very hot and died. BT credited on return very promptly. Ten out ten for BT.
1* corsair flash drive
Reviewed by Anonymous on 12/04/2007
Had similar problems to others regarding the corsair drive, in that the usb head became very loosely attached to the board and finally snapped completely.

Had to cut open the case, and resolder the 6 connections, since i needed the data off urgently, and thankfully it worked but not sure for how much longer.
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