CoolIT ECO ALC 240mm Liquid Cooling

CoolIT ECO ALC 240mm Liquid Cooling

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ECO ALC 240 takes liquid cooling to another level. Effectively doubling the surface area of the ECO ALC 120, this solution offers the extra headroom for extreme overclocking that today's gamer demands. Designed for use in tower chassis that supports 240mm radiator, this highly optimized solution procvides maximum cooling at a price point others cant match.


  • Compact liquid cooling solution
  • Universal retention compatible with Intel 775, 1156, 1366 and AMD AM2+/AM3 sockets
  • Micro-channel fluid heat exchanger
  • High efficiency aluminum radiator
  • Designed to operate with four wire fan controlled by motherboard CPU header


  • CoolIT CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger)
  • Copper Micro-Channel
  • Universal Retention System
  • Out of the box support provided for Intel 775, 1156, 1366 and AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3 sockets
  • CoolIT Pump; CFF1 Pumps
  • Life Cycle: 50,000 Hour MTBF
  • Long life ceramic bearing pump provides years of reliable, quiet operation
  • CoolIT Radiator: 240mm Class Aluminum Radiator; 275mm (length) x 122mm (width) x 27mm (depth)
  • Custom engineered for low noise and high heat dissipation
  • CoolIT Fan: Dual 120mm Class Fans, 1900 RPM Peak; 120mm (length) x 120mm (width) x 25mm (depth)
  • 4 Wire, Sleeve Bearing, 12Vdc
  • CoolIT CPU Thermal Grease; CooIT Systems Pro A.T.C. (Advanced Thermal Compound)
  • CoolIT 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty



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5* The Best
Reviewed by Roy on 20/09/2010
I have just built my new system and used this water cooler for my quad core i7 cpu, and it is fantastic, you will need a good case to fit this in but well worth the money.
5* very nice
Reviewed by ken on 11/01/2011
i bought this coolit eco alc 240mm a couple of months ago and i thought id wait till i ran it for a while before making a comment on this it as kept my temps cool on my system spot on ive had both the corsair h50 and the h70 but i found this to be the best to set up. its easy but like the last person to comment on this roy you will need a good case for this one as the radiator is big it fits nice in my 800d case by corsair i would recomend this coolit eco alc 240mm to any body.
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