Cables Direct Best Value Wall Socket with built in 2 x USB Charging Ports

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Cables Direct Best Value Wall Socket with built in 2 x USB Charging Ports

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This device must be installed by a competent person, in accordance with the current edition of the IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671) & Building Regulations.

Please read these instructions carefully before commencing with installation. Failure to install correctly will negate the product warranty.

The Dual Power Socket with Dual USB Outlet allows you to charge / power 2x USB devices and 2 other electrical items from one double wall plate.

The USB charging sockets are compatible with items such as smart phones, tablets and other devices that require charging via a USB port. The USB charging sockets have a total output of 2 amps (combined); if the current exceeds this it will automatically shut down to protect your device.

This dual switched socket will fit any standard dual 25mm deep wall box.


  • Firstly, ensure you isolate the mains power supply and remove the fuse in the fuse box or switch off the circuit breaker in the consumer unit.
  • Following the diagram over-leaf pass the cable through the entry holes and connect to the appropriate terminal.
  • If an Earth loop connection is required, use the additional earth terminal block located in the back box.
  • Re-connect the mains supply when the installation is correctly completed.
  • Before use we recommend that a socket test is carried out.
  • DO NOT MEGGER TEST - this will damage the USB charging circuit.
  • The USB charger will have a minimal quiescent current (should be no greater than 5mA). When a device is plugged it will determine how many amps the product needs and output at that rate.


  • Working voltage: 13A, 250V
  • Working temperature -15 to 40 C
  • USB Output: 2A, 5V
  • UK 3 pin socket output: 13A, 250V
  • Fits any standard back box (minimum depth of 25mm)

Safety Information

  • We recommend using a competent person for installation.
  • Only suitable for indoor installations.
  • Before carrying out any electrical work, isolate the mains power supply & refer to the fitting instructions.
  • For safe installation & connection ensure that the earth is connected.
  • Wire/wiring colours are in accordance with the current IET Wiring Regulations
  • Before use we recommend that a socket test is carried out.

Product Details

  • Weight 193g
  • Height 85mm
  • Width 145mm
  • Depth 25mm

Customer reviews

Write review The opinions expressed in this reviews section are those of our customers and not of BT Shop. Nothing contained herein amends BT Shop’s terms and conditions.
4* Good Idea But With Limitations
Reviewed by Barry Hunter on 26/04/2015
The product does exactly what you would expect BUT due to the size of the componants behind the front panel it will only fit certain boxes! I thought that ALL boxes/fitting areas were standard, this only seems to apply to the position of the fixing screws so be aware of this when purchasing!
2* Disappointing
Reviewed by Rob Mason on 26/08/2015
I bought two of these and the USB sockets of one have now stopped working after only a couple of months use on smartphones.
2* Great idea, but be careful
Reviewed by Darren on 20/03/2015
Easy to install and works like a charm happily charging 2 iphones. Add an iPad at your peril and whatever you do, don't add two!
The leaflet states that the unit will shut down the USB circuit if it draws more current than it supports, so two iPads caused mine to shut down completely with no idea or support how to reset it.
I had bought 3 so wired a new one up, being careful to ensure that I didn't repeat the same situation. I haven't and this one is also dead.
No company name, no phone number and Google has been no help so far. Buy at your peril!
1* USB failed
Reviewed by Simon on 19/07/2015
When they work they are great. I bought two, but the USB ports on one socket has failed after 1 month. Come on BT who is the manufacturer, who do I return this to to get a replacement?
1* Died after 2 months operation
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/06/2015
It worked ok for a couple of months and then there was a flash one day and the USB charging has been dead since. It was not overloaded as per previous reviewer as it was charging an ipad and a phone. Something it had been managing fine for months. Not impressed at all.

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