Cables Direct 15CM HDMI SPLITTER 1 X AM - 2 X A F GOLD

Cables Direct 15CM HDMI SPLITTER 1...


Cables Direct 15CM HDMI SPLITTER 1 X AM - 2 X A F GOLD

Cables Direct 15CM HDMI SPLITTER 1 X AM - 2 X A F GOLD

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  • Connector Type A:HDMI Male

  • Connector Type B:2 x HDMI Female



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Customer reviews

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5* Splitter!!!!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/05/2011
The is for the benefit of those technophobes trying to connect two or more output devices (eg Sky HD/PS3/BluRay etc.) to one TV. You can't. You need something else, costing around £50. This device splits the signal from ONE source to TWO HD screens. Perfect for my HD monitor and 42" screen using one PC with a BluRay drive. Simples.
2* HDMI Splitter (NOT combiner)
Reviewed by Anonymous on 27/03/2010
Found this description elsewhere:


So it is a splitter that splits one HDMI output (e.g.Blu-ray player) to two HDMI inputs (e.g. two screens), not for adding an extra input to a TV with only one HDMI input. I would imagine the two outputs are simply paralleled rather than actively split, judging by the price.
1* Does not do what it says on the tin!!!!
Reviewed by David Wright on 27/11/2009
As I only have 1 HDMI port on my TV and have a PS3 and a Sky HD box I was looking for something that would mean I wouldn't have change the plug manually.

This product looked like ideal in these financially uncertain times.

However, on arrival I plugged it in and there was no signal to the television with both plugs in. There is no selector to choose which appliance is to be viewed. Even when there is just 1 plug in the splitter there can be sound or viewing issues.

Do not buy this product, it's not worth the very small amount of money it's priced at!!
1* HDMI Splitter - Good Idea If It Worked
Reviewed by Martin Curtis on 09/01/2010
Ordered the HDMI that wss delivered swiftly only to find that,when the male end was plugged into the tv, I couldn't get a signal on both female ends. I'm still awaiting a replacement from BT, or any sort of reply.
1* Useless
Reviewed by Piecrust on 30/12/2009
Please please please BT, give us a clue as to what this device is supposed to be for, or how we are actually supposed to use it?! Someone else has reviewed this as a 2 into 1 device - failure product. I wanted to use it to split an HDMI signal between two devices. It doesn't seem to do antyhing at all. I don't know if it needs a stronger signal or some specific setup - it doesn't come with any information if it does. I essentially couldn't get this thing to do anything. If you are looking for an HDMI splitter then this isn't it and you probably want to look elsewhere. It may be cheap, and it's fair to say that you don't expect amazing results at this price, but is it too much to expect that it does at least something?
1* Splitter is not Switch
Reviewed by Anonymous on 29/05/2010
Please remember splitter is not switch. It is to divert the source to two display, not to switch from one source to another which is available around £50 come with remote control.It is almost a useless thing unless you are crazy enough to use two HD screen from one source.

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