BT6510 Nuisance Call Blocker - Trio

BT6510 Nuisance Call Blocker - Trio
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Fed up with sales calls interrupting you at home? The new BT6510 brings you unique functionality to block nuisance or unwanted calls. It's call management feature puts you back in control, by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block.

(You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.)

Block Nuisance Calls

With the BT6510 you can choose the type of calls you want to block. For example International and Withheld numbers can be blocked, which account for a large proportion of unwanted sales calls. Calls still go through to the answer machine, so if it's someone you want to hear from they can still leave a message. Alternatively if you there are specific numbers you want to block, you can block up to 10 numbers from getting through.

Full of features that are simple to use

-Do Not Disturb For those times when you just want some peace and quiet, switch Do Not Disturb so that your phone won't ring or light up. If you want key friends and family to still get through they can do, by tagging them as VIPs in your address book

-Visual Voicemail - See a list of who's called you, and choose which message to listen to first

-Parental Control - prevent any surprises on your bill by PIN protecting calls to Mobile, International, Premium Rate numbers, or even ALL outgoing calls. This can also be useful for elderly customers or those with elderly relatives who may have a habit of racking up big bills unknowingly

-Call waiting - shows you who's trying to get through and at the press of a button you can switch to the new call or reject it We've also made it easy to divert calls to your mobile or other numbers for when you're away from home. Or if you want to have a 3 way call the BT 6500 helps you get it set up in a few simple steps.

-All your numbers at your fingertips - With the BT6510 you can save up to 200 contacts, letting you keep track of all your favourite people. All these contact are automatically copied to all of your handsets, ensuring you always have the numbers you need, and saving you time entering them more than once.

-Quality built-in - Great design, with a Large 1.8" Full-graphic display, that is easy to read. See instantly how many Voice messages, missed calls or text messages you have. Large enough screen for text messaging. Specifically designed to give a clearer sound meaning you won't miss a word. Designed and stringently tested in the UK to ensure all phones meet our high standards. The buttons have been thoroughly tested to ensure the 1000th press is the same as the first.

-Freedom to move in your house - Long range of up to 300m lets you walk in and outside the house with freedom and without Interrupting your call. Talk hands-free - bringing the caller's voice into the room and letting you get on with things while you chat. Talk time of up to 12 hours and standby time of up to 120 hours. Great for those long conversations.

-Extra answer machine features - Save up to 30 minutes of messages and see how many messages you've got displayed clearly on the home screen. Record your own greeting or choose one of ours. Listen to your messages privately through the handset, or play them using the Hands-free speaker. Hear who's calling before you pick up. Choose how many rings you want before the machine picks up. Don't miss important messages when your away from home, access your messages remotely

-Stylish phone - The modern stylish design makes this phone a great addition to any room, whilst only taking up minimal space. 1.8" full-graphic display provides a more quality look and feel. The excellent blue backlight makes it clear and easy to read

-Even better for the environment - Eco credentials come as standard with this BT Phone, and it's good to know that the packaging is recyclable and made from FSC certified material. 65% more energy efficient than previous equivalent models

You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.

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5* Mr.A.Hill
Reviewed by Anonymous on 12/03/2014
They block all the nuisance calls which we regularly receive, internationaltrying to get into your computer, window scrappage, PV Panel and solar panel installers. We haven't received one in the last few weeks.
5* Peace at last
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/09/2013
We were fed up with call centres phoning all the time and heard about these phones and while I thought about it I got an email from BT with £20 off the duo which we decided to buy. Thank god we did we now get peace and quiet, no claim PIP calls or solar heating deals and even those nice people from India who would like to sort out my computer problems can't get through. Whoever developed these deserves a medal. As for set up and use, it's so simple. I can also hear better on these phones than my previous ones. A very happy bunny.
5* BT6510 Nuisance Call Blocker Trio
Reviewed by Anonymous on 26/07/2013
modern up to date equipment
2* bt6510 call blocker
Reviewed by glyn on 07/09/2013
purchased this phone as it had some good reviews.Had to send the phone back as both handset suffered from very poor the callers voice was fuzzy and parts of words spoken were incomplete (clipped)...Requested a replacement which arrived about 8 days later only to find exactly the same problems.I have now returned this one back,at my own cost and have had refund.On a personal basis I find the handset a little too big and don't like the slanted layout of the keypad.
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