BT4000 Advanced Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

BT4000 Advanced Nuisance Call...


BT4000 Advanced Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

BT4000 Advanced Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

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The BT4000 Big Button has large buttons making it not only practical for elderly customers but also an aid to sight, hearing and dexterity impaired customers.

Fed up with sales calls interrupting you at home? The BT4000 Big Button brings you unique functionality to block nuisance or unwanted calls. Its call management feature puts you back in control, by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block*.

Designed in the UK, the BT4000 Big Button offers you a large easy to read display, great sound quality and tons of simple to use features.

Block Nuisance Calls*

With the BT4000 Big Button you can choose the type of calls you want to block. For example international and withheld numbers can be blocked, which account for a large proportion of unwanted sales calls. Alternatively if there are specific numbers you want to block, you can block up to 10 numbers from getting through.


Big Button

The BT4000 Big Button is the perfect phone for an elderly customer or sight, hearing or dexterity impaired. The large buttons make dialling easy and accurate and the 1.8” full graphic display ensures clarity when reading the screen.


Hearing Aid Friendly

The BT4000 Big Button is hearing aid compatible, thanks to the built-in inductive coupler. This allows you to clearly and comfortably hear telephone conversations through your hearing aid.


Full of Features that are Simple to Use

Do Not Disturb - For those times when you just want some peace and quiet, switch on Do Not Disturb so that your phone won't ring or light up.

Call Waiting - Shows you who are trying to get through and at the press of a button you can switch to the new call or reject it.

We've also made it easy to divert calls to you to your mobile or other numbers for when you are away from home. Or if you want to have a 3 way call the BT4000 Big Button helps you get it set up in a few simple steps.


All Your Numbers at Your Fingertips

With the BT4000 Big Button you can save up to 100 contacts, letting you keep track of all your favourite people. All these contacts are automatically copied to all of your handsets, ensuring you always have the numbers you need, and saving you time entering them more than once.


Quality Built-in

• Great design with a large 1.8" full graphic display that is easy to read. See instantly how many voice messages, missed calls or text messages you have. Large enough screen for text messaging.
• Specifically designed to give a clearer sound meaning you won't miss a word. Designed and stringently tested in the UK to ensure all phones meet our high standards.
• The buttons have been thoroughly tested to ensure the 1000th press is the same as your first.


Freedom to Move in Your House

• Long range of up to 300m lets you walk in and outside the house with freedom and without interrupting your call.
• Talk hands-free - bringing the callers voice into the room and letting you get on with things while you chat.
• Talk time of up to 15 hours and standby time of up to 160 hours. Great for those long conversations.


Stylish Phone

The modern stylish design makes this phone a great addition to any room, whilst only taking up minimal space.

1.8" full-graphical display provides a more quality look and feel. The excellent amber backlight makes it clear and easy to read.


Even Better for the Environment

Eco credentials come as standard with this BT Phone and it's good to know the packaging it comes in is recyclable and made from FSC certified material. The BT4000 Big Button uses a low energy power supply so is kind to the environment as well as your wallet.


*You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.



Satin Silver/Black
Calls list
50 numbers
Redial list
30 numbers
100 name & number
Copy between handsets
GAP compatible
Max. number of handsets
Internal calls
Music on hold
Indoor range
Outdoor range
Headset socket
Inductive coupler
Earpiece volume control
Handsfree volume control
Wall mount
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

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4* Cable too short
Reviewed by John Cannell on 07/05/2016
The website and paper manual say it should be up to 3m from the telephone outlet. The lead is only 1.8m. I got no help at all from the shop, even though the phone was not to spec and I could not fit it on my desk. However the technical people were the opposite, very friendly and helpful and the proper lead was posted to me. Someone should explain to those at the shop that they sold something that was inadequate so they should do the running round, not the customer.
The phone itself works well, a bit light weight and with sound quality to suit, but fine for the purpose. Easy to set up and to use.
3* Caller ID display issue on incoming calls.
Reviewed by Antony on 18/07/2018
Reasonably good phone.
Has call amplification and no feedback whistle.
There is an issue with caller ID display on incoming calls.
Whilst the phone is ringing the phone only displays the last 8 digits of the caller’s phone number.
The phone will display the caller’s number in full in the call history but not when the phone is ringing.
Installed software version; H:XH08312_H5155 B:XB0010_B5169
1* Not fit for elderly people
Reviewed by Martin Fox on 28/03/2017
When picking up the phone you end up pressing the amplify button causing loads of bleeping. Also has the mute button is quite near the ear piece my elderly mother presses it by mistake and the phone call stops and have to ring back. BT Shop won't take the phones back.
1* Cable too short
Reviewed by Anonymous on 20/02/2016
The phone cable supplied is way too short, only half the length of the power cable. Useless unless you can place the phone right next to the phone wall socket. Previous phone was also BT, but cable from that won't work with this phone. No information on the cable or in the instructions to explain what is so special about this BT phone cable. Now have to purchase an extension and gamble that it will work. BT Customer Services would only direct me to their own spare parts service, wouldn't give any information about the technical specification on the cable. Not impressed.

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