BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit

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Works with any Broadband provider

BT's Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit has been designed to work with any service provider to make sure everyone can make the most of their Broadband at home or in the office.


What does BT’s Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit give you?

Connect any wired or wireless device to your broadband anywhere in your home or office with our powerline technology and enjoy the full broadband experience.
Plug & Play - No install necessary, just instant access to your broadband anywhere in the home or office!

Everyone loves to be online; and why should you settle for anything other than the complete broadband experience? With BT’s Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit, you are able to connect any wired or wireless devices wherever and whenever you like.

With up to 500 Mbps for smooth HD/3D streaming, online gaming or faster downloads, BT's Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit supports all your online needs.



Simple to use

BT’s Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit is easy to use. Simply plug into your wall socket and you are ready to enjoy a complete broadband experience. You also won’t lose a socket with the pass through socket included.


Make the most of your Broadband

BT's Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit from BT offers a solution to a number of your broadband problems. Be it connecting a Smart TV in a different room to your router, generating Wi-Fi where your router doesn't reach or high speed streaming throughout your home, BT's Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit can be used to help make the most of your broadband at home or at work.


Compatible with other technologies

BT's Broadband Extender Flex 500 Kit works seamlessly with all other BT Broadband Extender products to create your new network. It is also completely compatible with other AV HomePlug powerlines so you can integrate it with any existing Powerline network. The Broadband Extender Flex 500 Kit utilises HomePlug AV500 Powerline technology and can be fully integrated with an existing AV200 network in your home.


Better for the environment

Eco credentials come as standard with built-in power saving and fully recyclable packaging.


Need a connection in more than one room?

BT’s Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit also comes with add-ons, allowing you to connect as many wired or wireless devices as you like to your home network. You never need to compromise on your full broadband experience!


Not the right Broadband Extender for you?

BT has a whole range of Broadband Extenders to meet your requirements. Whether you don't want to lose a socket, need to connect multiple devices or prefer to connect wirelessly, BT has the solution.




Manufacturer Warranty
3 Years Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* Can't fault it
Reviewed by Steve on 25/06/2016
This does exactly what it says on the box, doesn't come in a tin I had poor wifi in my bedroom and this product creates its on wifi spot to connect and doesn't interfere with main wifi. Been away three weeks and connected immediately very robust.
5* Does the job very very well
Reviewed by The Practical Surveyor on 25/06/2016
Tried another wireless extender system which was very poor. Saw this on offer and gave it a go. Glad I did because so far it is brilliant.Highly recommended.
5* Very effective product
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/07/2015
A well designed and good looking product that was simplicity itself to set up - took a few minutes without me needing to press any buttons. Connected through ring main down 3 floors. I bought mine through one of BT's regular offers and the lower price made it a particularly cost-effective solution. The only minor gripe - and it is a minor one - you lose the use of a socket at the "other" end.
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Richard on 06/05/2015
It was very easy to set up and it worked straight away. Can't really ask any more than that! It made a massive difference streaming video from my NAS to my PS3: before (over Wi-Fi from my router) it could cope but not when you wanted to skip to a different part of the film; now, using the extender it's almost as fast as when it was wired straight to my router!
5* Very easy to use
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/11/2014
Really easy to set up and so far it has been very reliable. It took 5 minutes to set up, and once it was, it delivered fast internet through two rooms, despite the 5 ft thick walls.
5* Wish I'd found this before!
Reviewed by Robert on 22/04/2014
After years of suffering from a lack of wifi signal in parts of my house for many years, the problem is now solved! So easy to instal in a matter of minutes - just follow the very simple straight forward instructions. I know have wifi everywhere. When I want wifi in the filed where the kids camp, I simply plug the hotspot extender into the shed's power socket and bingo, a great signal that fifty metres away or more from the house If you don't want to move the hotspot extender around, you can but another one. Yes, i know it costs more butif you want to be able to use your laptop, ipad, iphone etc wherever you happen to be in the home or garden, this is THE solution. Just remember that each extender has its own password, so you will need to log on your device(s) to eacxh one. After that of course, they connect automatically. A great piece of kit.
5* Excellent piece of kit
Reviewed by John on 18/05/2014
Compared to the wifi repeaters which I've used to date this is excellent. The equipment couldn't be easier to use and once connected contact never seems to be lost as it does with all of the repeaters I've tried. The mobile unit can be moved around to any location in the house - wherever it is required at the time - and all of my devices matched with the signal from the hotspot first time. In a large-ish house several of the remote units are required to ensure full coverage everywhere in the building but for ease of use and consistent wifi signal this item is a real step forward compared to anything that was available before.
5* Works without fault, even when connected to virgin media router
Reviewed by Dave on 23/04/2014
Best bit of kit I've ever had, works without fault when connected to BT home hub 4,5 or a virgin media hub. Has extended wifi in the home and my office. I am going to buy another so I don't have to carry them around with me.
5* Awesome product, works flawlessly!
Reviewed by John on 23/04/2014
Just plugged in and was up and running in minutes, does what it's meant to do - excellent performance.
5* Excellent
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/04/2014
Plug and play completly idiot proof and provides LAN connectivity x 2 and additional wifi hotspot anywhere in your building that you need it

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