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What does BT's Wi-Fi Extender 300 give you?

BT's Wi-Fi Extender 300 has been designed to work with any service provider to make sure everyone can make the most of their broadband around their home. Extend the range of your Wi-Fi around your home and enjoy the full broadband experience. With easy setup, you can connect to your router and extend the range of your Wi-Fi in minutes.

Simple plug-and-play solution from the Broadband experts!


Extend great Wi-Fi whatever your router

Everyone loves to be online; and why should you settle for anything other than the complete Broadband experience? With BT's Wi-Fi Extender 300, you are able to extend the range of you wireless broadband and connect all your wireless devices wherever, however and whenever you like.

The Wi-Fi Extender 300 is easy to setup and even works perfectly with superfast fibre broadband. Just plug into your wall socket and link with your router and you are ready to enjoy an extended wireless broadband experience.

Extend your Wi-Fi range

Ideal for downloading music, streaming your favourite film or gaming online, BT's Wi-Fi Extender 300 enables you to get fast and reliable Wi-Fi where you need it the most.

The Wi-Fi Extender 300 is part of BT's connectivity range, which has been designed to solve all connectivity issues to ensure that everyone can make the most of their Broadband around their home. The range includes Broadband Extenders, Wi-Fi Home Hotspots, W-Fi Extenders and Switches, ensuring that there's a solution for all your connectivity requirements.



Manufacturer Warranty
3 Years Warranty


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Customer reviews

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4* BT Extender 300
Reviewed by Mike Hughes on 01/06/2016
Only problem is limited range. I still can't get a good signal in the 2 room furtherst away from my hub. And I'm not going to spend any more money until you publish the range of your various extenders.
3* bt wi fi extender
Reviewed by old buzby on 27/06/2016
maybe my fault for not reading all the faq because I did not relise that the connection speed is halved when connected via extender ..3meg is slow enough so 1.4meg is worse
1* The Wi-Fi Extender 300 Was a leech on our internet bandwidth
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/09/2017
After 4 Months of using the BT Wi-Fi Extender 300, I have come to the conclusion that this product was the cause of our home internet bandwidth being insanely throttled. It would take our bandwidth and turn it into a wireless signal that was not taken advantage of, There for lowering our 20mbs broadband to a meer 8mbs. For 3 months I believed this was due to maintenance at virgin media or the cables connecting our internet. Then when I attempted to download a 13gb file and it was downloading at 8mbs still, I started to find the issue, And I resolved it at the wifi extender 300. This product cost our money, Time and electricity in return for nothing. I will not purchase another BT wifi product until they show to me that they have truly inovated and made a product worthy of my attention. I do NOT recommend the BT Wi-Fi extender to anyone in a similar situation to my own. If it was user error on my part please inform me, But I fail to see how this product can be used in an efficient way.
1* Absolute wast of money
Reviewed by Brian on 06/01/2017
It has never worked since I bought it some months ago, despite paying someone to help when it wouldn't work for me. Everything has been done as per instructions but it simply will not connect to my Home Hub 5?
1* waste of money
Reviewed by Charlotte on 11/11/2016
My router doesn't have a WPS button so I had to connect via method 2, this was very easy at first until a message popped up on my computer saying I needed to configure the extender by pressing WPS button. This means I would have to get a brand new router which I don't want to do. Looks like I will be returning this.... thanks for nothing BT.

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