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BT The Phone Book Companion

BT The Phone Book Companion

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The Phone Book Code Companion is a handy sized booklet that lists all UK and international area codes. The UK codes include a decoder to help you pinpoint the geographic location of each code. The international codes include GMT time zone differences to help you work out the best time to call those countries.

Customer reviews

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5* Phone book code companion
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/03/2017
Unlike the old edition , no detail of sub codes. Expensive for content and postage over priced. Very , very disappointed.
5* Update
Reviewed by Ian on 17/04/2012
My old edition of The Phone Book Companion which has been very useful both at home and for personnel use at work before retiring.
Is June 1996 and at under £10 for a new one seems a little bit expensive but could be worth getting as it will be an update to my old it.
5* Phone Book Companion
Reviewed by Geoffrey Irons on 28/05/2011
I too have the 1998 edition. I was planning to buy the up to date version, until I saw the price. So far as I am concerned £10.00 is simply an unrealistic price, and I shall not be buying it.

It serves to confirm my view that BT is very good at supplying services at an inflated price.
5* Useful reference book.
Reviewed by Robert Park on 09/02/2011
I have the 1998 edition of this book which has been well thumbed as the family have found it useful. Since purchasing it a number of changes have occurred and I am now purchasing this current edition which should be equally well used. A useful book indeed!
5* The Phone Book Companion
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/02/2011
An invaluable little book. Very informative and easy to use. A winner as far as content is concerned. But the price! The basic price of £4.00 is fair enough, but the final price after adding VAT and postage is £7.57, which represents an effective 90% mark up. What a rip-off...
4* Errors in the Phone Book Companion
Reviewed by Tom Hawthornthwaite on 13/09/2011
There are errors in the book which are leading to confusion in phone bills.
The only prefixes for Hanley Swan are 01684310 & 01684311. The following are wrongly listed. 0168456 - 68
0168461, 0168484, 0168486, 0168488-89.
These should be MALVERN not Hanley Swan!
4* Phonebook Companion
Reviewed by Anonymous on 11/06/2010
Easy to use
2* BT Phone Book Companion
Reviewed by Dave on 04/08/2014
Very disappointed with the edition recently ordered. Twice the price of my old 2001 edition but only 16 pages of codes compared to 177 pages in 2001 and so much less detail. What a rip off.
1* BT phone book companion - 2016
Reviewed by Jonathan on 29/08/2016
Purchased this item to replace and update the 1999 edition and when received what appears to be a supplementary version with no sub codes available, even for your own area code.
1* The Phonebook Companion
Reviewed by S C Phillips on 11/10/2013
I have a 1994 edition of The phone Book companion and I thought I would buy an up-to-date version. I ordered The Phone Book Companion at a cost of £5 but have had delivered The Phone Book Code Companion.
I am very disappointed as my original copy had 296 pages and the Code companion is a very thin book of 24 pages and my previous copy gave the codes mostly 7 or 8 figures down to the local exchange but the new book probably better described as a leaflet only gives the codes to 5 figures i.e. the main exchange.
I feel I have not been supplied with what I ordered and will be putting in a strong complaint. with a view to the correct book "The Phone Book Companion" being supplied or a full refund.

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