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What is the BT Smart Home Cam 100?

BT Smart Home Cam 100 is a wi-fi video monitoring product that allows you to stream video remotely, meaning you can stay connected with people, places and pets wherever you are in the world.


Keep an eye on your home when you’re not there

The BT Smart Home Cam 100 allows you to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there. Whether you’re at a friend’s, at work or on holiday you can view your home within seconds.


Check in at anytime from anywhere

You can access your BT Smart Home Cam 100 video stream via the free iOS or Android apps or the web portal, all you need is an internet connection on your device. What’s more, night vision and a 93 degree field of vision means you need never miss a thing, whatever time of day or night it is.


Be alerted if there is motion when you’re not home

The BT Smart Home Cam 100 has a motion detection feature. You decide what disturbance is worthy of setting off the monitor, and the BT Smart Home Cam 100 will send you a notification. You can then access the video stream to uncover what triggered the sensor.


Free BT Home Cam app

Download the free iOS or Android BT Home Cam app to manage your camera and video settings remotely. This simple to use app gives you the ability to view your video stream and record or take images, , alter the camera settings, invite friends to access your video stream and so much more. You can even link your app to multiple cameras to view video from different locations.


Store images and videos securely on your device

When you see something interesting or fun on your BT Smart Home Cam 100, you may want to be able to share that moment with family and friends. With a single tap or click you can save an image or video to your device. They are yours to share with as many friends and family as you want.


Wi-Fi – no cables!

The BT Smart Home Cam 100 works via wi-fi, so there is no need for unnecessary cables running throughout your home. As long as the camera is within range of your router’s wi-fi signal you can place it anywhere within your home.


Share your camera with friends and family?

Just because it’s your camera doesn’t mean only you can view it. Invite your friends and family to view your video stream. Ideal for sharing those unmissable moments or for additional peace of mind when you’re away from home.


Easy 3 step set-up

Unlike CCTV and other monitoring products, the BT Smart Home Cam 100 is simple to set-up. Download the app, plug in your BT Smart Home Cam 100 and pair the camera with your router and phone or tablet. No wiring your camera to your router, no CD, no need for a laptop. All you need is your camera, wi-fi and a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Please note - There is a monthly charge if you would like to store video clips to the cloud. This is the Premium Services feature and costs £6.99 per month. Your video clips will be stored for 14 days and you have unlimited storage to use. If you would like to keep your video clips beyond the 14 days you can download them via the web portal. Storing video clips to your phone or tablet is free of charge.



Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* bt home cam 100
Reviewed by keith john on 06/09/2017
excellent easy to use and set up.perfect for keeping a eye on the dogs when I'm out
a++++++ rating
highly recommended for the price
5* Ipad use
Reviewed by Southernboyuk on 18/11/2016
I have 2 Ipads working okay with these cameras via the app you can download
5* Good cameras but...
Reviewed by Bryan Watson on 06/11/2016
I have 3 of these cameras, 2 working one still in the box. I purchased them over the last 2 years because of the cloud recording facility. This facility worked fine when I first purchased the cameras and was able to look back days at events. I only used the recording facility for one month. Tried the cloud facility again early this year only to find it only records about 3 hours of events and that is a rolling 3 hours. Not much use. BT say having trouble getting it working and probably will never work again!!!!! Being an optimist I tried again this October and still not working. BT OR WHOEVER STILL TAKE YOUR £6.99 though. A brilliant system ruined by a lack of customer care on BT,s behalf.
Having said that I cannot get it to work away from home via Wi Fi even though I dropped the quality down to the very lowest possible but when trying I found it suddenly seemed to work via 4G. I don't really care so long as it works.
Pity BT cannot pull their finger out and get the cloud working.
5* Macbook User
Reviewed by Tony Chenery on 29/06/2016
I have a macbook and as various comments said view on your laptop I bought one there is not an app I can find that allows them to work on my mac. Loaded on to my wifes smartphone OK but does not allow you to record without paying the premium service but as I cannot find the app no point in that. Obviously no contact number for BT for further advice/information so a total waste of £60.00.
5* These Cams are Great
Reviewed by Michael on 04/12/2015
I have been using 3 of these Cams in various locations around home for over two years. Currently have one in shed looking at back of house, one in front bedroom window viewing outside front of house and car on driveway another in living room check when my cats come and go. At this price I am considering buying another. I view cams via pc web or iPad or android phone and when we are away my sons keep an eye on the home cams from their homes. The quality is great with no fuss. They do as they say on the box and are very well supported as usual as one would expect by BT.
5* A very disppointing technical acquisition.
Reviewed by Richard Watson on 26/11/2015
My wife is a Dementia sufferer and so I thought that a Camera such as this would a very good monitoring tool for me to be able to see what was going on at home and is situated in the main hallway.
The Camera was easy to set up and initially while I was viewing the images on my iPhone at home I got a High Definition view. However away from my home, even if I was logged into a Wi-Fi network there was no way I could obtain a HD image and had to reduce the image quality in order for any image to be shown otherwise the App simply said "Camera is unable to connect to network".
To try and gain Technical support was nigh on impossible without paying for it.
I pay BT a reasonable sum each month to have BT Infinity so I would expect the Camera to be able to transmit the image information without any problem as during the day there is no other use of the BT Hub.
When the Camera was working I bought an additional 2 Cameras so that I could monitor more of my house. They are still in their boxes.:-(
5* So far so good
Reviewed by Barry O'Connell on 28/10/2015
Arrived today dead simple to install just need a bit of thinking the one thing that might throw people is the network password key for hub that really can throw those not quite up to high tec jargon or know what it means. But other than that pleased so far. Got an Assistance Dog be great to watch the big lad when we have to leave him when go out to a rock and roll tribute show
5* The Best On The Market
Reviewed by John H on 13/08/2015
I could not be happier with this product. It does exactly what it says on the box and much, much, much more. Eveeryone that that has seen this is very impressed with the picture, audio and recording choices that it has.
10 out of 10
5* BT Smart Home Cam 100
Reviewed by Anonymous on 11/07/2015
Shame it doesn't have a Windows app.
5* Excellent product
Reviewed by Jackie Brown on 23/05/2015
Very easy to set up. Very clear picture. it gives me confidence on my home security - GOOD BUY

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