BT Shop Power Bank Portable 2200mAh Charger

BT Shop Power Bank Portable 2200mAh Charger

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Charge your smart phone or tablet with this 2200mAh power bank when you are on the go. Engraved with the BT logo and styled with metal trim to both ends. Will charge any phone which uses a USB charging lead. Supplied with a charging cable which is compatible with any USB port.

Please note, the supplied cable is only for charging the powerbank unit; to charge your phone or tablet you will need to use the devices specific charging cable, simply connect the cable to your device and plug the other end into the powerbank the same way you would a USB mains plug.

  • Measures L 9.5cm x W 2cm x D 2cm
  • Weight 81g

Customer reviews

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5* BT Power Bank
Reviewed by Andy on 10/01/2017
Just got one , charged overnight. Red light showed charging, went out when fully charged. Blue light shows it is charging my Android phone & light goes out when phone fully charged. Great little accessory to carry. Because my tablet does not chare via a USB point I cannot use the Power Bank for that.
5* nifty bit of kit
Reviewed by rona morris on 05/01/2016
i have never used one before,i can charge my ipad/iphone kindle ind my fitbit HR when i am out if i need to saves having wires everywhere in the car,small in a handbag,is weighty lovely royal purple colour too,hubby already wants to steal it
4* Good item at a good price
Reviewed by Alan on 28/03/2016
Very useful item and seems to be effective. I don't know how long the charge lasts and this could be an issue. If you only need to use it in an emergency and the charger is flat when that emergency arises it is no use. One small niggle is that there is no indication of the item having reached full charge. The red light just stays on. If it could go to green or off you would know when maximum charge had been reached.

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