BT Response 75+ Answering Machine

BT Response 75+ Answering Machine

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BT Response 75 is a digital answering machine that records up to 36 minutes of messages. Plug it into the same socket with your phone and you won't miss another message, no matter whether you're too busy to pick up the handset or you are just currently out. Messages are recorded digitally - that means consistent quality, fast resetting, and no tapes to get tangled or worn out. If your answering machine is switched on and you are at home, your friends can 'beep' the machine to let you know it's them calling. If you still don't want to answer, they can leave a message. The Response 75 is also provided with the 1471 feature, which shows the telephone number of your caller - no matter whether he leaves a message or not. Message playback will help you discover the caller's number and time of the call.



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5* BT Response 75
Reviewed by Glyn Sutcliffe on 03/07/2014
I bought a BT Response 75 in September 2007. It has worked well until recently (May 2014)when it began to reset after every incoming call. It is therefore now impossible to set the date or the number of delayed rings to make the unit do it's job. I will therefore have to replace the unit. The unit should have had a longer service life in my opinion.
5* answering machine
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/01/2013
5 out of 5 what can i say the best all the way.
3* Could be better
Reviewed by Chris Hill on 25/10/2014
1. Since it does not have an internal calendar it only records the message from 1471. Unfortunately, the 1471 message WILL ALWAYS say TODAY in the message when called immediately. Therefore there is no true date on any recorded messages - they are all TODAY. Useless if you are away for a few days.
2. After a power cut, the unit sends a repeated tone as if it had a call, but shows a zero number of calls and has none. The only way to fix it is to phone your own number, do not answer the call and let the system pick it up. Then you can delete the message.
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