BT Paragon 650 Corded Phone With Answer Machine

BT Paragon 650 Corded Phone With...


BT Paragon 650 Corded Phone With Answer Machine

Send and receive text messages

Product overview

  • Type: Corded phone
  • Handsets Included: 1
  • Answer Machine: Yes
  • Nuisance Call Blocker: No
  • Big Button: No
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Key features

  • Digital Answering Machine
  • Send and receive text messages(2)
  • 200 Entry directory
  • Caller Display with 50 number calls list(3)
  • Handsfree

Additional features

  • Call Waiting(3)
  • 4 Line backlit, inverse display with contrast control
  • 3 Quickdial numbers
  • 10 Last number redial
  • Secrecy feature
  • Headset port (RJ11)
  • Call and message indicator lights
  • Inductive coupler for hearing aid compatibility
  • BT Select Services button
  • Clock, calendar and alarm functions
  • Ringer volume control Ringtone options - 5 melodies/10 polyphonic
  • Earpiece volume control
  • Switchboard compatible (Tone/Pulse/TBR)
  • Pause/Recall/PBX Access code (Auto Prefix)

Answering machine features

  • Up to 32 minutes digital recording time
  • Pre-recorded male and female outgoing messages: Answer & record and Answer only
  • Facility to record your own outgoing message
  • Answer delay setting
  • Call screening/intercept
  • Message counter
  • Playback via the base or handset
  • Voice prompts
  • Playback volume control
  • Memo facility
  • Memory full alert
  • Answering machine on/off timer function
  • Remote access (security code protected)

What's in the box?

  • BT Paragon 650 corded telephone
  • Telephone line cord
  • Handset with cord
  • Mains power adaptor
  • Desk mounting plinth
  • Quick Start Guide

We do our best to supply our customers with the apparatus they ask for, but we may have to provide apparatus which does not accord exactly with the illustrations and shades of colour shown on the pack. This product is intended for connection to analogue public switched telephone networks and private switchboards in the UK.

2 You must subscribe to your network provider's Caller Display service for text messaging to work and you must not withhold your number. Your network provider may charge you for these services. Please note some other network provider lines may not be compatible with this text messaging service.

3 You must subscribe to a Caller Display or Call Waiting service for these features to work. Your network provider may charge you for these services.

† Trademark of British Telecommunications plc.



Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* BT Paragon 650
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/03/2015
I have one already and I am just replacing it.
5* BT Paragon 650
Reviewed by Brenda Astbury on 18/10/2013
BT Paragon 650 answerphone
5* Great Phone
Reviewed by Tez on 05/05/2010
You read a lot of negative reviews about this phone, but yet it is a great quality phone. Yes the ring tones are a bit naff, and the answer machine could be a bit louder, but if you pick up the handset, and listen to the messages, it's great. The quality of the hands free speaker is great, you can adjust the volume, and it's loud, also the call quality of the handset is excellent. I got mine for £24.99 from BT Outlet on ebay, so am well pleased.
4* BT7610 34.99
Reviewed by frances robertson on 16/10/2015
compacted and looks easy to use.
4* Ringtone solution
Reviewed by Richard on 28/10/2009
Overall I'm happy with the Paragon 650. It's easy to use, and it looks like it means business - so it makes a good home office phone.
There is a solution to replace the ringtones for an extra £20 or so. You need to buy a 'Tonecaller II' and a splitter.
Plug the phone and the Tonecaller into the splitter, then plug the splitter into your phone socket. Then set the phone to silent by turning the ringer volume off, and the Tonecaller will ring instead.
Of the 4 ringtones available on the Tonecaller at least 2 of them sound like the good old-fashioned ring-ring, and you can set the volume to a level that's similar to the phone.
The Tonecaller is listed on the BT shop, but they sent me an incorrect item that didn't have a choice of tones or a volume control, so I am currently (still) trying to return it. I purchased the Tonecaller elsewhere. My advice is to shop around for the phone and Tonecaller, the 2 together didn’t cost me much more than the phone is listed for here.
3* ok ish
Reviewed by Paula Fisher on 08/04/2014
Was ok until just over a year old, it suddenly started to not work properly, you would hear it ring and pick up the receiver and you couldn't hear the other person, if you quickly switched from handset to speaker phone and back again then it would sometimes work. 14 months for nearly £50? no i will find a cheaper model with a more than a years guarantee this time.
3* paragon650
Reviewed by JoJo on 15/02/2013
dreadful ringtones backlight doesn't stay on long enough I wish I had the reviews before I bought the thing I wanted a proper home and answer phone not a substitute mobile
3* BT Paragon 650
Reviewed by Dr J S Carlow on 09/10/2012
Having used BT Paragon phones before we hoped that this new one would be an improvement in quality over the 500. Although the sound quality was indeed an improvement, we found such problems with the answerphone we are having to return the device to the shop. The problem stems from the fact messages are not easily linked to the number displayed on the calls list. With older people phoning in to the surgery leaving messages, they often do not say their contact numbers correctly and we need to check on the calls list. This phone makes it almost impossible except via timing and often there are several calls logged in the same minute. Result phone is useless!! Also the ring tone selection left us totally annoyed, being unable to set a standard ring, being stuck with a tune, to the annoyance of patients in the waiting room. The only positive item remaining is the ability to read a SIM card for a contacts list.
3* ok
Reviewed by DaveC on 24/05/2010
A good solid feeling phone but oh dear oh dear who came up with the ringtones ????? this is supposed to be a business/home phone who's little boy was given the task of choosing the tones. He has his computer games tones mixed up with the purpose of the ring on a telephone. In case you wonder I say little boy as a little girl would have done it much better, I know I have two of them. BT please bring out a modification I can use with this phone, a proper ring please or its money wasted for me.
3* BT Paragon 650 - Mains failure
Reviewed by Robert SK on 24/08/2009
I have used the BT Paragon 650 for some time now and find it to sit my requirements. However it doesn't appear to have a battery so when the mails fails, the date and time have to be set again. this is very inconvenient. Anyone else experience similar problems?
regards, Robert

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