BT Paragon 550 Corded Telephone With Answer Machine

BT Paragon 550 Corded Telephone...


BT Paragon 550 Corded Telephone With Answer Machine

Product overview

  • Type: Corded phone
  • Handsets Included: 1
  • Answer Machine: Yes
  • Nuisance Call Blocker: No
  • Big Button: No
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BT Paragon 550 Corded Telephone With Answer Machine

  • 100 Name & number directory
  • 3 Number speed dial
  • Calls list - 30 numbers
  • Hands free function with on hook dialling and volume control
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Digital answering machine
  • Up to 16 minutes recording time
  • Ability to record your own OGM
  • Memo facility
  • Remote Access
  • Private playback via handset
  • Speaker playback
  • Call screening
  • Last number redial - 5
  • Call indicator light (red LED)
  • Text message indicator light (green LED)
  • Clock with call timer function
  • LCD display - 4 line backlit inverse
  • LCD contrast control



Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* Fantastic Phone, Thoroughly Please
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/05/2013
I bought this phone two weeks ago for my mother who required a new one. after setting it up i found it very easy to use, as did she! much to my pleasure as well it does everything that it says it does and more!

would recommend this to anyone!
5* BT Paragon 550 Corded Phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/01/2010
I purchased this telephone last yer and am pleased to say that I find it great. I wear a hearing aid and have no problems with it at all. I'm used to the ring tones now and find it usefull to be able to distinguish which calls are from family without checking caller display. Even my husband says the phone is so much clearer when he is speaking to someone. The only down side was that at the time of purchase I could only get the phone in white, I think a nice soft grey would have been much better.
3* bt paragon 550
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/07/2011
when a message is left green light flashes but no sound alert and light notvery good,,volumeforlistening not very goodespcially as this phone is designed for hard of hearing
Reviewed by Anonymous on 20/02/2011
VERY BAD DESIGN I learned to my cost that replacing the receiver did not end the call.The button with the red telephone on it on the right had side had to be pressed down after I had finished otherwise the call was still being charged.I did not find this instruction anywhere.As a result I have had this phone several weeks and until last week I had been making calls including very expensive mobile phone calls (checking daily on a frail elderly neighbour).but on replacing the receiver I was still being charged for the call.I reported this to BT last week and they have asked me to check my phone bill when it comes in and contact BT again. VERY POOR DESIGN...I expect a rebate on this.
2* Disappointing
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/01/2014
Bought because it pays back 1571 over 2years. Only white BT corded answer machine. Really an office machine and design. Have to go through Menus for Caller Display. 15 awful ring tones. Time and date disappear on power fail as no battery back-up. Dreadful push button tones that have to be turned off else everyone hears beep beep for every digit dialled. I expected better of a BT Branded item.
2* Wait until the power fails!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/05/2011
We have had 2 of these machines and both failed soon after purchase. I was so sure the replacement would fail that I kept the receipt to hand. After a few months we had a power cut and as before both display lights continue to flash even when there is no new message or call. We've managed to stop the call light by deleting all calls but the answer light refuses to stop even after returning to default settings, manually setting time/date and deleting all messages. So once again all the hassle of dealing with the BT helpline.
Next time we'll look for a machine with a longer reliability life than 6 months.
1* BT Paragon 550: avoid!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/12/2017
Very badly designed. despite apparently good specification
Big mistake buying it now some years ago, but it's still being sold!!!
Mains power loss reverts to dreadful ringtone.
Ring is delayed several seconds after other phones on same line and inaudible from another room.
Resetting to sensible sound is a nightmare and not documented properly
Lights for message or missed call are invisible in daylight.
Screen light turns off just as you didn't quite read the number you want.
Microphone makes loud crackling noises at other end if you breath on it.
1* Poor quality
Reviewed by Anonymous on 17/08/2009
I bought this phone because it was promoted as a good appliance for the hard of hearing. The volume control on incoming speech is very poor, ie it doesn't turn up enough. The volume on the ringer is even worse and at it highest can hardly be heard from another room and not at all above the tv or radio. Also the choice of ringer tones is very poor. All in all I feel I wasted my money here.

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