BT Multiport Broadband Extender 500 Add-on

BT Multiport Broadband Extender 500 Add-on
Plug & Play- Easy set up and install!

Product overview



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Works with any Broadband provider

BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500 has been designed to work with any service provider to make sure everyone can make the most of their Broadband at home.


What does BT’s Multiport Broadband Extender 500 give you?

Connect any wired device to your home broadband anywhere in your home with our powerline technology and enjoy the full broadband experience.
Plug & Play - Easy set-up and install, just instant access to your broadband anywhere in your home!

Everyone loves to be online; and why should you settle for anything other than the complete broadband experience? With BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500, you are able to connect up to 3 wired devices wherever and whenever you like.

With up to 500 Mbps for smooth HD/3D streaming, online gaming or faster downloads, BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500 supports all your online needs.



Simple to use

The Multiport Broadband Extender 500 from BT is easy to use. Simply plug into your wall socket, connect to your existing Broadband Extender or powerline network and you are ready to enjoy a complete broadband experience. You also won't lose a socket with the pass through socket included.


Connect multiple devices

With BT’s Multiport Broadband Extender 500 you can connect up to three devices at once, ensuring you’re able to make the most of your Broadband at home.


Make the most of your Broadband

BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500 from offers a solution to a number of your broadband problems. Be it connecting a Smart TV in a different room to your router, using an old laptop without Wi-Fi capability or getting the best online gaming experience possible, BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500 can be used to help make the most of your broadband at home.


Compatible with other technologies

BT's Multiport Broadband Extender 500 works seamlessly with all other BT Broadband Extender products to create your new home network. It is also completely compatible with other AV HomePlug powerlines so you can integrate it with your existing Powerline network. The Multiport Broadband Extender 500 Kit utilises HomePlug AV500 Powerline technology and can be fully integrated with an existing AV200 network in your home.


Not the right Broadband Extender for you?

BT has a whole range of Broadband Extenders to meet your requirements. Whether you don't want to lose a socket, need to connect multiple devices or prefer to connect wirelessly, BT has the solution.




Manufacturer Warranty
3 Years Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* Multi point Broadband extender
Reviewed by alan rowe on 27/03/2014
Plugged it in and it locked on to the network perfectly.
It works absolutely great. I am buying another one.
4* Its extended power
Reviewed by Jay Cee on 06/08/2015
As it is entitled this is just a broadband extender 3 plug-in Ethernet connection unit. With a through 3 pin plug so you don't lose a power socket. Someone said it the advert was misleading by not having WiFi. Though if you read the Spec's it is highlighted with two dots in the description saying so. Also you need the other main 500 unit from your router for this extender to work. I hope this is useful before buying.
1* Half of the product set
Reviewed by Jacek on 20/02/2014
Be-aware, misleading advertising, this is only a part of the product. You need to spend another ~£80.00 to get it working.
1* rubbish
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/02/2014
very misleading do not work as wifi
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