BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay

BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay
Internet access up to 7.2Mb - comes with 1GB usage

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Mobile Broadband from BT

The BT Mobile Broadband dongle is a small USB modem that plugs into your computer for Internet access at home and on the go.

It gives you Internet access at up to 7.2Mb depending on where you are; the USB modem will automatically connect via the HSDPA, 3G or GPRS network network - with 80% of the UK covered it'll ensure you get the best connection possible.

It comes with 1GB of usage will get you connected to the internet straight away.

With 1GB of usage you can download:

  • 48 photos
  • 144 songs
  • 1 film
  • 300 emails
  • +400 browsing minutes

Or any combination - the above is only a guide and how you use it is up to you.

Customer reviews

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5* Dongle coverage
Reviewed by Natalie on 29/08/2012
How do I check if the dongle will work in the area I am going to be living in??
5* Makes the rest look bad
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/05/2010
After a rather dreadful experience with O2, The BT Mobile broadband product is a wonderful experience. O2 offer a hilarious product called "Pay and Go", which should really be called Pay & Pay & Pay etc - they expect you to buy £15 credit every month, whether you need it or not. I remember they had the same hairbrained scheme when 2G mobiles became "Pay as you Go" with all the other operators, and O2 insisting you add credit even if you don't need it. Sorry rant over - the BT Mobile product is not only much more flexible (It really is "Pay as you Go"), but unlike its O2 counterpart, it actually works too.
5* at last for mac
Reviewed by julie eyre on 13/09/2009
this is the best by far mobile broadband dongle i have used speed and connection are excellent , and now i can use it on my mac thanks to your recent link for the bt manager download provided by tim , and now its half price try it its good thanks bt for a great bit of kit even though been a long time coming for mac users its been worth the wait .
5* BT Dongle for exsisting customers
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/08/2009
I am an exsisting option 3 customer & have just contacted customer services after having read all these reviews. Have re-newed my contract for another 18months which has included a free dongle with 1GB allowance per month.I have no intentions of leaving BT as have always found them an excellent ISP Also a reduction in my line cant be bad. Also have BT vision & got a reduced rate on my package. So give a call first before you moan.
5* BT Dongle
Reviewed by Anonymous on 17/07/2009
Why are people so quick to judge? I have just spoken to BT, as an existing Option 1 Customer, renewed my already excellent contract, 6 months free, £2/mth off line rental and the dongle for £49.00, so seems fair enough to me, staying with them anyway! I have had many ISP's they have all been consistently bad apart from BT, with false claims and promises.
5* Mobile Broadband
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/06/2009
Why is everyone moaning about the price? You cant expect things for free in this day and age and as for paying 15x more than a new customer, all you need to do is phone BT start a new contract and you get one for next to nothing, iv just done that! Maybe use the time that you spend moaning to read the offers and you would have realised you can get exactly the same deal as a new customer!
5* BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/06/2009
This is the dogs dangly bits as far as broadband dongles go . Over 18 months it is by far the cheapest dongle out there for the money . You must remember that if BT wanted to give these away for free and flood the market Ofcom wouldnt let them! I have one of these and it works great even my son was on the internet in the car on a 2hr journey back home from the coast. I you can find a cheaper one with 1gb a month at £7.22 let me know as my sister wants one . And my customer service i received has been 2nd to none with BT. As someone who has a knowledge of computers and sorted many friends problems i have found that things customers blame BT for are actually their own shody workmanship on their own wiring. Wiring that may well have coped with basic speech doesnt necessarily cope with broadband .
5* Great modem and pre-pay deal
Reviewed by Cian Power on 06/05/2009
This is a top-end modem which has a great feature in the USB retractable connector, plus I didn't realise it can also double up as a USB memory stick (micro SD card not included). It is very good value and with the ability to add top-ups on top of the data allowance per month, it's totally flexible. Ideal for someone like me who didn't want a contract 3g broadband modem. Works out a lot cheaper than payg also.
5* BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay
Reviewed by RMW on 06/05/2009
Excellent value. Easy to set up. Was up and running within 10 minutes of receiving item! Also, in my case, found that the dongle receives wi-fi signal in areas of building that the inbuilt laptop wireless modem found difficult.
4* Give them a chance
Reviewed by P Meyrick on 06/08/2009
I have been a BT customer for over 20 years and every time I have considered moving away from them, they have offered me a reasonable deal to stay. All you need to do is ring them. I got a good deal on my telephone and broadband package and I was cheeky and asked for the dongle free of charge - which I got. If you are a good enough customer I am sure they would offer the same.
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