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Supersize your Wi-Fi!

Here’s a great way to extend the reach of your home wi-fi. Just add a BT Mini Hub. It’s a powerful wi-fi signal extender that works beautifully with the BT Smart Hub.

Want Wi-Fi in more places?

Now you can extend the reach of your home wi-fi. The BT Mini Hub sends your home hub’s wi-fi signal through your electricity lines, then broadcasts again to cover those hard-to-reach places.

You can use as many BT Mini Hubs as you like, and build your home wi-fi so it covers every area you want.

Wi-Fi in more places

Use your BT Mini Hub to get wi-fi where you want. Maybe in the garden…

Fully compatible

The BT Mini Hub works brilliantly with most hubs, particularly the BT Smart Hub.

Smart tech

The BT Mini Hub uses your home’s mains electricity to carry your wi-fi signals.

Keep on adding

You can add as many BT Mini Hubs as you like to build a big, reliable network.

Optimise your wi-fi with the MyBT app

Download the MyBT app and try our great new wi-fi optimiser. It lets you measure the wi-fi performance around your home, then it generates a unique report that shows you how you could improve your wi-fi performance in each room.

Download the MyBT app

If you’ve got an Apple or Android phone, just text ‘MyBT’ to 81192 and we’ll send you a link to download the app.

Customer reviews

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5* more wifi power
Reviewed by Allan Clement on 19/08/2017
my Hub is upstairs next to my desk top pc, but i use my Ipad and phone in different rooms downstairs, this device helps me pick up a stronger signal in the living room and the dining room.

it is a big help.
4* Rock solid stable - doesn't play well with Sonos though
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/12/2016
OK, I'm work in IT for a living, and have passed some Cisco and Microsoft networking exams - so I at least know the basics. This is a device designed to be as simple and reliable as possible. It passes with flying colours in both these aspects. I have had this item a few months now and have NEVER had to restart it other than for a firmware update. It just works every time, all the time. It worked with my BT Smart Hub 6, and now my Asus DSL-RT68U router equally as well. The only problem I find, which is quite annoying if you are a Sonos user, is that if your Sonos devices are connected to the mini hub your iPhone can't find the Sonos devices on your network. Nether can you stop the Sonos speakers connecting to the mini hub as there is no blocking facility. I therefore had to change the SSID of the mini hub to something the Sonos devices don't connect to to force them to connect to the main router. I now just have the 5ghz network sharing the same SSID as the main router.
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