BT Home Hub 3.0 & Infinity Welcome Pack

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BT Infinity Home Hub 3 & Welcome Pack

At the heart of BT Total Broadband is the BT Home Hub.

Our new BT Home Hub can connect many devices around your home - with or without wires. It features smart wireless technology to ensure a strong connection, plus built-in security and intelligent power management.

  • Sleek new design
  • Simple set-up
  • Smart wireless - ensuring a strong connection
  • Wireless-N technology
  • Intelligent power management - automatically adjusting power usage
  • WPS enabled
  • Simple re-start switch
  • Built-in fireweall
  • WPA2 as standard (Wi-fi protected access)
  • Infinity ready

Hub 3 does not support DECT and is not compatible with BT hub phones.

BT Home Hub only works with a BT Broadband service. It cannot be used with another ISP.

Please note, the BT Home Hub 3 does not support the Broadband Talk service. There is no socket to directly connect either a Hub Phone or standard telephone to this hub so you will not be able to continue using your Broadband Talk service. However you can still connect telephones to your standard telephone sockets and use your regular telephone line.

Hub 3 Connections



IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Wireless Router
Rackmount or External
Connection Type
Fibre (BT)

Customer reviews

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5* The Improved Hub-3 Type-B
Reviewed by Nick Taylor on 28/02/2013
The Improved Hub-3 Type B At last BT have refined the Hub-3. My original sample did not work at all well on my ADSL2+ line that was the 058720 version which is also used for Infinity. However in January 2012 I was provided with an improved version 058721 with the suffix Type B. The welcome pack is what is different the ADSL2+ welcome pack is 058722, the Infinity welcome pack is 058723. My package comprised of one piece – 058721 Hub-3 Type B and one piece 058722 the ADSL2+ welcome pack. Since installing that item I have had non stop connection to my ADSL2+ service and everything is totally stable. I am now an Infinity customer and WOW this Hub-3 Type B really is the icing on the cake, well done BT you got there in the end.
5* Home Hub 3 (ADSL)
Reviewed by Harry on 02/10/2012
I have had problems with wireless in the past with our old stone built house but Home Hub 3 manages to work through at least one thick wall. It was easy to set up and the connection speed is pretty good, bearing in mind that we live at the end of some very dodgy ADSL copper lines - when the wind blows the connection drops out, but hey, we have dormice in the garden. Good product and sensibly priced. I certainly recommend it if you are upgrading from an old Voyager as I was
5* homehub3
Reviewed by ken bennett on 16/07/2011
found no problem at all setting this up, very easy set was easier than the home hub 2 as for value for money with what you paying a month if BT advertise it as a better product it should be free ken
5* loved it!
Reviewed by Allan Watson on 29/06/2011
So easy to set up, worked right out the box, I have a PS3, Xbox, wireless printer and laptop all running off the broadband router, really easy to set up and love the fact you can do power saving during the night.

No more flashing lights, nice blue steady ones and I'm not missing the hub phone at all as was pretty redundant anyway.

defo a brill buy!
5* Home Hub 3
Reviewed by Ian Wright on 13/06/2011
Very easy to install, from opening the box to fully up and running including set up the wireless to our laptops too 30 mins. Have noticed already that the signal is much better than the Home hub 2.
5* Hub 3.0
Reviewed by David Earl on 25/05/2011
Very easy and quick to install. Everything is connected in minutes including Wii, Ipods,DS,Blackberry and PSP! Power save option is excellent and connectivity and speed excellent too. Good size and looks good!
4* bt wi fi connection
Reviewed by sean mcshane on 07/11/2013
signal could be better
2* bthome hub 3.0 & infinity
Reviewed by john on 24/03/2013
not the best the preivous white unit a lot better this 3.0 unit only shows 2 bar on signal on my wifes lap top and its right behind her put the white unit back in and 5 bars so a full house
1* BT Home Hub
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/03/2013
This product is rubbish, you cannot get a signal in an adjacent room. We were told the range would extend to the garden. The signals from our neighbours hubs are more powerful than this pathetic piece of junk. Flogging rubbish like this verges on the fraudulent.
1* not what we expected
Reviewed by kathy on 26/11/2012
after being talked into upgrading from homehub2 ...we find ourselves very disapointed and out of pocket...the technology isnt there..its not faster it isnt better and its more expensive..the whole service went down after 20 days and we were without internet for 11 days..absolutly shocking..we wished we had kept the old homehub and will not renew contract when it comes up,,,BT charge almost double than other broadband providers..this service may work well in certain areas...but not my area..and that should have been sorted before they phoned me up and convinced me to upgrade!! feels like we have downgraded and been ripped off.
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