BT Graphite 2500 Twin Cordless Phone With Answer Machine

RRP £59.99

Product overview



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The new BT Graphite 2500 range - available in packs of 1, 2, 3, or 4, plus additional handsets.

Key Features

  • Up to 12 minutes recording time
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • Blue backlit display
  • 40 number calls list
  • Caller display
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging
  • GAP compatible


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Customer reviews

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5* FAO Sheila Bell / Caller Display
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/12/2011
You can get caller display for free (if you are a BT customer anyway). Ask for BT Privacy at Home to be added to your account, it provides free caller display so you can choose to ignore nuisance callers without picking up the phone ;)
5* Free Caller Display
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/01/2012
Sheila Bell, rather bizarrely you can get free caller display, as long as you make some calls via BT, by asking for BT Privacy at Home.
5* BTGraphite 2500 Twin Cordless Phone With Anser Machine
Reviewed by P. Haywood on 13/04/2011
I cant answer the Ratings because i havent used this product.
I am wanting to purchase one.
3* Caller display ???
Reviewed by Sheila Bell on 01/12/2011
This phone is advertised as having Caller Display but the fact that this feature will cost £3 per month to activate is not mentioned. Thats almost as much as I pay for BT Vision @ £4p.m. and that comes with many features and a Vision Box. How can BT justify charging that amount for the caller ID service. Many people may know that the ID service is an additional line service but I didn't and the advertising does not make this clear. I feel CHEATED. Just when I was feeling good about BT due to BT Vision, as always, something comes along to shatter my illusions. The woman I spoke to on the help line was quick to point out that she wasn't part of BT and I doubt that my complaint will be passed on.
Reviewed by A.Stephens on 16/08/2011
Very disappointed with the sound quality on load speaker and normal use.
I only bought this item one week ago and i am now looking around for a new phone.
The design is good,pity about the sound.
1* Not Amused
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/10/2012
Having bought one for my daughter and 1 for myself,but now they are both faulty and only 19 months old so I am not very pleased at all. The phone its self I liked but not the time they have lasted.Will check with the Which Mag of which I am a member of.
1* Complete disaster
Reviewed by Shirley Couzens on 09/10/2011
Apart from NOT arriving within the specified 5 days and missing the actual birthday, the black handset and buttons all lost their paint within 2 weeks and the website then says the product is not returnable. And we are shareholders! Not for much longer though.
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