BT Graphite 2500 Trio Cordless Phone With Answer Machine

RRP £79.99

Product overview



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The new BT Graphite 2500 range - available in packs of 1, 2, 3, or 4, plus additional handsets.

Key Features

  • Up to 12 minutes recording time
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • Blue backlit display
  • 40 number calls list
  • Caller display
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging
  • GAP compatible


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Customer reviews

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5* Pricing error???
Reviewed by Faye on 24/01/2013
Bt update brochure arrived today, these phones are advertised in it for £39.99, on line BT shop price is £52.99.
5* Wonderful
Reviewed by Dianne Knight on 08/10/2011
I have just phoned the helpline and a wonderful lady called Laura sorted the problem. THANK YOU.
5* Disappointed in appearance.
Reviewed by Linda Hitchcock on 26/09/2011
The answer machine and phone are very good, clear and easy to use. My only "gripe" is that after only one week of use the buttons (keys)on the phones are beginning to have a white appearance as if very worn. I don't think this is very satisfactory and should be investigated. I am not a heavy user of the telephone - just a normal domestic situation. Would send them back but need a phone!!
5* BT Graphite 2500
Reviewed by Mr G V Thomas on 05/09/2011
not exactly a review but a price query

shareholder magazine advertises BTGraphite 2500 (set of 3) at £39.99

On line price £49.99

Please advise

4* Help
Reviewed by Dianne Knight on 08/10/2011

These phones have been brilliant but I have knocked off a star because I cannot get a dialling tone on one phone and it says it is busy. I only bought them last December.
3* STUPID phone ... literally!
Reviewed by Electropedro on 16/12/2011
This phone is good in many respects, sound quality is OK, answering machine works well, it looks good, and the price is definitely good. But there is one HUGE problem with it which I have seen in the reviews of the quad version too, it'a a STUPID phone literally. It, or maybe the designer, lacks sufficient intelligence to delete all the missed call and call message alerts from each phone centrally. Even worse if you take a call on one phone it will show as missed on the others. So you have to go around each phone deleting these on each phone which if you have 15 mins a day to do this unnecessary task won't be a problem, but I don't.

BT? Do you look at these reviews? Please tell me I'm wrong, please tell me there is a setting where these phones can be synchronised, but I don't think so.

Ah well, you pays your money and you take your choice. It's a cheap phone with very poor operating system.
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