BT Graphite 2500 Quad Cordless Phone With Answer Machine

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Product overview



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The new BT Graphite 2500 range - available in packs of 1, 2, 3, or 4, plus additional handsets.

Key Features

  • Up to 12 minutes recording time
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • Blue backlit display
  • 40 number calls list
  • Caller display
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging
  • GAP compatible


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Customer reviews

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3* BT Graphite 2500
Reviewed by Surinder on 19/03/2012
have have issues from day one with these, but work round them
1* It works, just, but is not at all practical and is badly designed
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/07/2012
Expected a decent product from BT but this disappoints in three key areas.
1. Call quality is poor with the answer phone message very crackly however you hold the handset when recording it.
2. Operating system is tedious - answer machine spends ages telling you the details of the message before you can hear the message iteself, during which time you can't delete it so if someone hangs up just after your greeting you have a split second to delete it. The caller display tells each handset how many missed calls you've had which is great in theory except that you have to manually clear each one from each handset and because it reacts so slowly to each click on the button you have to wait for the handset to think about it before scrolling on. With four handsets that's a lot of wasted time getting each back to norm.
3. It's not possible to rest the phone between ear & shoulder as it's curved and slippery so you can only speak handsfree if you are standing in one spot using the speakerphone
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