BT Graphite 2100 Single Cordless Phone

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Product overview



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The new BT Graphite 2100 range - available in packs of 1, 2 or 3, plus additional handsets.

Key Features

  • 50 entry phonebook
  • Blue backlit display
  • 40 number calls list
  • Caller display
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging
  • GAP compatible


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Customer reviews

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5* BT Graphite 2100 Single cordless
Reviewed by Anthony Martin on 19/12/2011
This is a phone you cannot go wrong with if you want a good quality and reasonably basic cordless model. It is clear and easy to use with a good signal range from anywhere in the house and garden.
5* Excellent product and service.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/07/2011
Excellent product which covers all the functions I require from a landline. Set-up is a breeze (5mins max) and navigating the various functions and settings is very easy.
BT Shop delivered product in 2 working days from ordering on economy post.
5 Star service.
5* Need another handset
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/05/2011
Like above reviewer, can't see any other way of getting in touch with you, please email me a reply; I would like to purchase an additional handset for my graphite 2100 BT phone, I bought a single phone and would like an additional handset now, do you sell them separately? Thanks.
5* I want another BT Graphite 2100
Reviewed by Bill Jeans on 15/03/2011
Sorry this seems to be the only way to get in touch, but I want to buy another phone to add to my Graphite 2100 twin set. I would like to talk to someone for advice. Could you please phone me on 028 9147 9183 or 0786 776 0474. Many thanks.
3* Poor display
Reviewed by Peter on 10/02/2013
The phone works ok, but is diddly to use and has an almost illegible display, very spidery text. It is also very quiet, not good for someone with hearing loss.
1* Can't get started
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/05/2012
I thought it was going to be easy to set this BT Graphite 2100 single phone up but I kept getting 'searching' then 'out of range' so I am not connected. Went to phone BT for help but no one to talk to as no assistance at weekends, so will have to wait until Monday. I am frustrated
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